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Diversity writes

Journalist and ABC612 presenter Madonna King leads this lively panel discussion as three award winning authors discuss their journeys as writers and reflect on how living and working within a culturally diverse Australian society has inspired and influenced their work.

divwriteSpeakers:  Thomas Keneally, Alice Pung and Nike Bourke and Madonna King
Duration:  1:33:33 minutes
Date:  30 September 2007
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Helen Garner

Join Helen Garner, one of Australia's most respected authors and essayists  in conversation with Ashley Hay, former literary editor of The Bulletin, discussing The Spare Room, her first novel in 15 years, at her only Brisbane appearance.  

Garner_bigSpeaker:  Helen Garner and Ashley Hay
Duration:  55:42 minutes
Date:  9 April 2008
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The importance of being Oscar

Susannah Fullerton discusses Oscar Wilde's extraordinary life story, his fall from fame and the creation of his greatest works of literature.

Oscar WildeSpeaker:  Susannah Fullerton
Duration:  1 hr 13:30 minutes
Date:  8 March 2007
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Kate Jennings

Meet Kate Jennings, a fiercely intelligent writer, astute observer of people and her surroundings, recent widow not ready to face her grief, and irascible Australian with no time for indulgent New Yorkers and their pampered pets. Get to know the real Kate Jennings in conversation with Kris Olsson as she muses over her autobiographical book, Stanley and Sophie.

Kate_Jennings_-_credit_Isabelle_Boccon-Gibod_2008Speaker:  Kate Jennings and Kris Olsson
Duration:  57:41 minutes
Date:  28 May 2008
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Mo Johnson - writing hints and tips

Mo is the author of the young adult fiction book Boofheads, a story of three teenagers inseparable since pre-school, and Something More from the Girlfriends Series.  Her soon to be released picture book Noah’s Garden has been sold to the US and she is currently working on a biography of Olympic and Commonwealth marathon runner, Kerryn McCann.

Hear Mo’s insightful hints and tips on how to become a professional writer and navigate the publishing industry. 

Author, Mo JohnsonSpeaker: Mo Johnson
Duration: 8 minutes
Date: 2009
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Portrait of a friendship

Join editor Bryony Cosgrove in conversation with Barbara Blackman, as they discuss Portrait of a Friendship: The Letters of Barbara Blackman and Judith Wright 1950-2000, a very intimate glimpse into the personal lives of two key figures in Australian cultural life.

Friendship-024Speakers:  Barbara Blackman, Bryony Cosgrove
Duration:  59:11 minutes
Date:  28 August 2007
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A world without books

As part of Indigenous Literacy Day, the State Library of Queensland hosted some of the State’s Australia's finest Indigenous poets, authors and songwriters as they discussed the importance of books and reading in their lives. Join them as they share stories that moved them, taught them about the world, or simply inspired them.

World wiithout booksSpeakers:  Yvette Holt, Fiona Doyle, Shellie Morris, and Uncle Herb Wharton. Facilitated by Sue Abbey with an opening address by Suzy Wilson (Indigenous Literacy Project).
Duration:  1:37:39 minutes
Date:  3 September 2008
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