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Christine Manfield

Gastronomic traveler, presenter, teacher and international ambassador, Christine Manfield is one of Australia's most celebrated chefs. A perfectionist inspired by strong flavours, a creative spirit whose generosity and skills have inspired young chefs, and a writer whose successful books have spiced up the lives of keen cooks. Listen as Christine shares stories of her travels through the Middle East in search of the perfect hummus, across steamy and sensual Singapore slurping bowls of Nonya laksa, and through the tiny villages of Italy collecting recipes for the creamiest risotto.

Christine ManfieldSpeakers:  Christine Manfield and Lizzie Loel
Duration:  1:02:20 minutes
Date:  9 October 2008
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Food pioneers

At a time when celebrity chefs abound, hear from some of the very special Queenslanders who have changed the way we eat. In 1988 World Expo brought more to Brisbane than exhibits, fireworks, and concerts. It introduced locals to a lifestyle that embraced outdoor dining and new cuisines. Expo triggered an urban renewal that changed the face of Brisbane from a ‘large country town’ to a thriving metropolis, led largely by locals hungry to explore new fare.

In the years since, Brisbane food culture has grown in leaps and bounds. This fascinating conversation explores how Brisbane’s palate has changed over the past few decades. Listen to the people who created Australia’s first organic food restaurant, introduced our palates to the joys of caviar and saffron, popularised the delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine, and got us passionate about Farmer’s Markets. Hear about their food philosophies and learn what inspired them as they recount their early days, their successes and challenges, and their vision for the future of Australian food culture.

Food pioneersSpeakers:  Kylie Lang,  Brenda Fawdon (Mondo Organics); Babak Hadi (Black Pearl Epicure); Jan Power (Farmer’s Markets); Lien Yeomans (founder of The Green Papaya)
Duration:  1:15:30 minutes
Date:  11 September 2008
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Gay Bilson

Gay Bilson’s name is synonymous with the revolution in Australian cooking and restaurant life.  Her cooking is legendary, as are her informed and passionate observations about food and culture.  Gay has owned and cooked at Berowra Waters, one of Australia’s most influential and acclaimed restaurants; collaborated on meals at public venues, incorporating ideas of theatre and performance and community; and her book Plenty, has won many awards including The Age Book of the Year 2005.

Gay BilsonSpeakers:  Gay Bilson and Candy Baker
Duration:  1:08:45 minutes
Date:  24 April 2008
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Maggie Beer

Join Brisbane News editor Kylie Lang in conversation with celebrated cook, Maggie Beer, for a look behind the pages of her latest book Maggie's Harvest.

Maggie BeerSpeakers:  Maggie Beer in conversation with Kylie Lang
Duration:  53:08 minutes
Date:  8 November 2007
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Pietro Demaio - preserving the Italian way

Pietro Demaio shares rich and varied Italian recipes, memories and anecodotes of childhood and travel, drawn from his book Preserving the Italian Way. Pietro is obsessed with preserving traditional Italian foods.  He is also committed to preserving a tradition of eating, friendship and culture that’s fast disappearing – Slow Foods. Pietro’s thesis is that good food, family and friends all go in one big pot to help lubricate companionship, friendship, happiness and long life.

Pietro DemaioSpeakers:  Robert MacLennan  and Pietro Demaio
Duration:  1:06:24 minutes
Date:  12 June 2008
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Spice notes and travel

Venture into the ancient world of herbs and spices with acclaimed author and modern-day spice merchant Ian Hemphill. Ian shares his 30 years of accumulated spice and herb knowledge, revealing the mysteries and history of spices and hints and tips for their use, interspersed with travel tales and personal anecdotes from his career and as proprietor of Sydney spice house, Herbie’s Spices. Presented by the State Library of Queensland and Slow Food Brisbane.

Spice notes and travelSpeaker:  Ian Hemphill
Duration:  1 hr: 11:46 minutes
Date:  17 August 2007
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