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Designing for Happiness - Jason Grant

Jason is a member of Inkahoots design studio. The studio began in 1990 as an artist run, community access screen printing collective, and is now recognised around the world as a leading model of alternative visual communication practice. Their history is a close relationship with the community, cultural, and arts sectors as visual advocates and activists.

Speakers: Jason Grant
When: Wed 9 Nov 2011, 6:30 pm - 07:45pm
Where: slq Auditorium 1, level 2, State Library of Queensland
Duration: 00:51:32 minutes
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David Marr - The Henson case

The Australian Prime Minister called them ‘absolutely revolting’. Their removal from a Sydney art gallery was hailed by the Daily Telegraph as a ‘Victory for Decency’. Cate Blanchett and members of the arts community claimed charges laid over them would affect Australia’s cultural reputation. In this webcast David Marr discusses his recent book The Henson case, which examines the pornography/art debate with exclusive interviews with Bill Henson, members of the NSW police force, child abuse campaigners and important figures in the Australian arts scene.

The Henson caseSpeakers:  David Marr
Duration:  1:06:07 minutes
Date:  8 October 2008
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Design Discipline - Lindsay & Kerry Clare

Lindsay and Kerry Clare are both graduates of QUT and commenced practice in Queensland in 1979. In 1998 they were granted a 2 year appointment as Design Directors for the NSW Government Architect. Since 2000 they have been in private practice in Sydney as founding directors of Architectus and now as independent architects. Lindsay + Kerry Clare were awarded the AIA Gold Medal in March 2010 for their contribution to the advancement of architecture and particularly sustainable architecture.

Speakers: Lindsay and Kerry Clare
Duration:  1:34:47 minutes
Date: 20 July 2010
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Fashion and Memoire with Charlotte Smith

Memoire and fashion - Charlotte SmithCharlotte Smith is the curator of the Darnell Collection, Australia’s largest private collection of vintage clothing and accessories, having inherited more than 3000 vintage designer garments from her Quaker godmother, Doris Darnell. In her book Dreaming of Dior, Charlotte has recreated the story of each garment through the masses of accompanying letters, parchments and notes. During the discussion, Charlotte revealed her personal accounts behind some of the key garments in this extraordinary collection, discussing the nature of clothing as personal memoir. The conversation was facilitated by Nadia Buick. Nadia is currently completing her PhD in Fashion Curation at the Queensland University of Technology. Nadia co-curated Imeldific – a 20th century shoe exhibition and is currently exhibiting Material Memories at the QUT art museum.

Presented by State Library of Queensland, mc/k art and Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival

When         3pm, Saturday 7 August 2010

Where        slq Auditorium 1, level 2

Duration     1:13:35 hours

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Freestyle Books symposium

Artists, curators, writers and art lovers joined together for an afternoon celebration of the rich world of artist' books. The Freestyle Books symposium coincided with the major exhibition of artists' books at the State Library of Queensland.

Freestyle books

Speaker:  Opening address - Dr Alex Selenitsch
Duration:  22:03 minutes
Date:  26 July 2008
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Speakers:  Unfolding stories - Jonathon Tse, Dr Anna Poletti and Dianne Fogwell
Duration:  1:03:08 minutes
Date:  26 July 2008
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Speakers:  Social change - Professor Ian Howard, Peter Lyssiotis and Judy Watson
Duration:  1:01:54 minutes
Date:  26 July 2008
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Speakers:  Collaboration - Noreen Graham, Leah King- Smith, Duncan King-Smith, Anne Kirker, Normana Wright and Ron McBurnie
Duration:  1:12:32 minutes
Date:  26 July 2008
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Hamilton Wilson – Next Generation Learning Spaces

apdl Next Gen

The Brisbane Grammar Schools’ new integrated learning facility, The Lilley Centre, was recently selected by the OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments to be part of their international compendium on innovative learning spaces. The Lilley Centre commission, won by Wilson Architects through a design competition, was also the progeny of a two research projects with The University of Queensland in next generation learning spaces. Join Hamilton Wilson as he outlines how research informed the practice and became critically embedded into the development of The Lilley Centre.

: Hamilton Wilson
When:  Tues 22 March 2011
Where: slq Auditorium 1, level 2, State Library of Queensland
Duration: 1:10:27 hours
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John McDonald: a critic's take on Australian contemporary art

Join John McDonald, one of Australia’s best-known art critics, in a lively conversation about contemporary Australian art with art curator Timothy Morrell. John and Timothy discuss art studios, art markets, the National Gallery of Australia, the Archibald Prize, and much more.

Margaret OlleySpeaker:  John McDonald and Timothy Morrell
Duration:  1:05:15 minutes
Date:  5 April 2008
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Male sartorial elegance

Download audio: Don’t miss the ultimate conversation about contemporary men's fashion. Are there any rules? What makes for an elegant dresser in 2010. Is the devil in the detail? And how do Australian men rate when it comes to fashion?

An event developed especially for State Library by mc/k art and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2010, this is a rare chance to experience a thoughtful discussion on male style from some of the most cutting-edge practitioners in Australian fashion today.


Male sartorial elegance

Speakers: Mitchell Oakley Smith (Associate Editor, GQ), Andrew Byrne (Designer, Pistols at Dawn), Brent Wilson (Fashion Designer) and Mark Neighbour (Fashion Designer and Project Runway Season 2 Top Five).  Facilitated by Alison Kubler. 


Date: 3pm, Sun 8 August 2010

Duration:    45:23 minutes    

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Presented by State Library of Queensland, mc/k art and Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival

Neil Durbach – Durbach Block Jaggers

ADPL Lecture Series: Neil Durbach – Durbach Block Jaggers

Neil Durbach is a principal of Durbach Block Jaggers, a small Sydney office committed to the search for the possibilities of architecture itself – its power and poetry; its pleasure and necessity.

Join Neil as he shares the principles and practices of Durbach Block Jaggers..

: Neil Durbach
When:  Tues 29 March 2011
Where: slq Auditorium 1, level 2, State Library of Queensland
Duration: 00:51:47
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QUT Fashion After Hours – The Current State of Contemporary Australian Fashion

Australia and Queensland, in particular, seem to be gripped in a fashion moment. Why are there so few books examining Australian Fashion?


  • Mitchell Oakley Smith, Associate Editor, GQ and author of Fashion Designers of Australia and New Zealand (published by Thames and Hudson 2010)
  • Katie Somerville, Curator Australian Fashion and Textiles
 National Gallery of Victoria, Curator of Together Alone: Australian and New Zealand Fashion from NGV
  • Susien Chong and Nic Briand, LOVER
  • Kay McMahon, Fashion Business Advisor, QUT Creative Enterprise Centre

 Facilitator: Alison Kubler
 Duration:  55:46 minutes
 Date: Tuesday 10 August 2010
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