Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland

The Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland Program is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Telstra, to deliver training to Seniors through public libraries across Queensland. This partnership aims to give older people, particularly those in regional and remote areas of Queensland, the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to use technology for socialising, accessing important services or conducting personal business.

Many older Australians are at greater risk of being digitally excluded in an ever increasing online and digitally connected world. Since 2012, Telstra's strategy has been to work and support State Governments to deliver digital literacy programs for seniors, to maximise the reach and impact to seniors across states by increasing the capacity.

Addressing digital literacy and the digital divide are strategic priorities for State Library and Queensland public libraries. Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland will lift the profile and value of library services for seniors and support local governments to explore effective ways to plan for positive aging in their region.

Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland is part of Telstra's Connected Seniors Program.

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