Queensland's connected collections and digitisation

While State Library collects Queensland memory, there is also a vast array of cultural heritage collections found throughout the State. These local collections come in all sizes, with many different themes and points of interest and are referred to as Queensland’s distributed collection of memory.

The connected collection is found in public libraries, Indigenous Knowledge Centres, historical societies and community museums, regional galleries, schools and universities, community spaces and private collections, homes and businesses across Queensland. Each contributes to the preservation of Queensland’s heritage and memory.

Queensland's connected collections and digitisation fosters a network of collectors and heritage professionals, enables greater discoverability and access to dispersed collections, and increases connection and engagement with Queensland’s distinctive heritage.

How does SLQ support the connected collection?

State Library of Queensland provides advice, advocacy and a range of programs and events delivered often in partnership with others in the network of the connected collection of Queensland memory.

State Library has developed the STACK framework which describes the idea of a distributed collection around our unique Queensland ‘stuff’ (content) and how to support our state’s cultural heritage sector using ‘tools’ (online and offline platforms), ‘advocacy’ (promotion, advice, and support), ‘capacity’ (training and skills development), and ‘knowledge’ (research opportunities to create new knowledge).

To get a better idea about the strategy and how it can work for your library or organisation, watch this short film about STACK.

STACK from Blue Peter on Vimeo.

Memory organisations in Queensland are encouraged to use the STACK framework in their local community and in partnership with others to increase greater understanding and engagement with Queensland’s heritage.

Other resources and opportunities developed to support the connected collection of Queensland memory include:

Research and Advocacy


To better understand how memory organisations with heritage collections are digitising their local content, State Library invited organisations from across Queensland to respond to a survey in March 2013. The responses to the survey (PDF 7 MB) provided State Library with important data as well as indicating the needs of organisations across Queensland with local history collections. This information assists in the development of training and professional development programs for organisations in the distributed collection of Queensland memory network.

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