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State Library of Queensland works hard to ensure that its digital collections of diaries, letters and books are easily accessible for researchers, writers, and anyone with an interest in the stories of Queensland. Transcribing our digitised material makes it searchable and easier to read, making it a better experience for everyone.

You can participate by sharing your knowledge and expertise and transcribing State Library content in DigiVol, an online transcription platform hosted by Australian Museum in collaboration with the Atlas of Living Australia. Immerse yourself in the real-life experiences of those who served during World War 1 and contribute to the long-term preservation of State Library collections.

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Frederic James Bassett WW1 Postcards 1916-1918

Frederic James (Jim) Bassett enlisted at Emmett, near Blackall, Queensland on the 22nd May 1916. Jim was assigned to the 52nd Battalion, 6th Reinforcements, and after training at Fraser's Paddock, Enoggera, Brisbane, travelled to Sydney to embark on the troopship "Ceramic" on the 7th October 1916.

After training in England, Jim arrived in France in December 1916 where his battalion was involved in heavy fighting. In late April 1917, he was caught in a barbed wire entanglement and injured his right leg. In June that year he was invalided to England, where he was posted to Verne Citadel at Portland near Weymouth. On the 20th October 1917, Jim returned to Australia on a hospital ship.

While he was in England, Bassett had met his cousin, Minnie Phipps, who lived in London. The couple became engaged and after a long separation, Minnie joined him in Australia and became his wife on the 15th November 1919.

Read and transcribe: This assignment is a series of 44 postcards written between 1916-18 by Jim Bassett during his WW1 service. Most of the postcards are addressed to Minnie Phelps, his future wife, and the others to his parents, brother Will and cousin Lily while he was stationed in France and England. One postcard is written by Minnie to Jim.

Get started: Frederic James Bassett WW1 Postcards

Difficulty: Experienced

Status: Completed! Check out the transcriptions using the link above

Red Cross Society, Queensland Division Records, 1916-1935

The Red Cross Society was established in Australia within days of the outbreak of WW1 in 1914. Within the first month, Queenslanders mobilised to form 196 branches across the state.

State Library holds the minute books of meetings held by the Red Cross Society, Queensland Division between 1915-1935. The meetings were held in the British Medical Association rooms in Brisbane and the minutes include details of those present, correspondence, hospital services and, during the war period, the services offered to members of the services and returned men. In the later minutes, the business of the meetings is concerned with aid to individuals, hospitals, returned servicemen, institutions, and the Junior Red Cross.

Read and transcribe: This assignment is to transcribe the mostly handwritten minutes (the last meeting minutes in this volume are typed) of meetings held between 8 November 1915 - 11 December 1916.

Get started: Red Cross Society, Queensland Division Records, 1917-1919

Difficulty: Experienced but not expert level

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