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Tips and tricks for transcribing: You can view the document while writing the text in the same web-page. Wikisource help for transcribers covers all aspects of the transcribing process. Proof-reading and Validating: Documents are checked twice by volunteers after their initial transcription in Wikisource. You can pick up a project at any stage in order to 'transcribe', 'proof-read' or 'validate'. A big thank you to Wikisource for making their transcribing process very thorough, we like it!

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Maurice George Delpratt Correspondence 1915-1920

Maurice George Delpratt was born at Tambourine, Queensland, in 1886 and took up pastoral interests in Western Queensland in 1910. At the outbreak of war in 1914 he volunteered for the 5th Light Horse Regiment. He was sent to Egypt for training. Delpratt fought at Gallipoli and was taken prisoner by the Turks on 28 June 1915. He was officially listed as missing in action and his family was informed of this status in July that year. He remained a prisoner of war for the duration of hostilities, being imprisoned mainly at Hadji-Kiri, near Belemedik, in the Taurus Mountains where he worked on the Baghdad railway construction. He was released in 1918 and after a brief stay in England was repatriated to Australia in 1919.

Read and transcribe: Letters and postcards written by Maurice George Delpratt while held as a prisoner of war in Turkey during World War One. Most of the letters were written to Maurice George Delpratt's eldest sister Elinor (Nell), Mrs F.L. White of "Brooklands", Woodhill, Queensland. The collection also contains other letters written by his family and friends and some items of ephemera.
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Difficulty: Advanced

George Green - 2nd Light Horse Regiment Gallipoli Volume 1

The 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment is an alliance of the 2nd Light Horse and the 14th Light Horse regiments. These regiments were raised during World War I and saw service as separate units. The 2nd Light Horse saw service at Gallipoli and in the Middle Eastern campaigns, including Jerusalem and Beersheba. The 14th Light Horse served mainly in the Middle East and Palestine.
Proofread and validate: Records kept and maintained by the 2nd Light Horse Regiment during World War I while serving in Gallipoli and the Middle East need checking. The regiment's chaplain Reverend George Green's diary vividly describes the horrors of the Gallipoli campaign.
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Difficulty: More experienced

Australian enquiry book of household and general information : a practical guide for the cottage, villa and bush home

Written by Mrs Lance Rawson in 1894, this was the first of a series of 3 books covering all aspects of practical and household information for the upkeep of Australian homes.
Read and transcribe: the full-text detailing comprehensive instructions on Cookery, The Household and Fancy Work, Mrs Lawson shares her knowledge of how to make baskets, tea cosies and woolen wattle blossoms. A chapter on The Toilet covers face creams and hair lotions followed by Medical Advice describing how to cure a drunkard and sew up wounds.
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Difficulty: Advanced

Completed assignments

Eleanor Elizabeth Bourne Papers

Eleanor Bourne was the first Queensland woman to study medicine. She also served as a lieutenant of the Royal Army Medical Corps during World War I. Dr Bourne's reminiscences about her work as a medical officer during the First World War, in a military hospital run by Drs Flora Murray and Louisa Garrett Anderson. This hospital was entirely staffed by women doctors.

Read the transcribed work: Eleanor Elizabeth Bourne papers
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