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The National Library and all of the State and Territory libraries across Australia have been digitising newspapers and making them accessible on Trove. There are now 10 million newspaper pages available online. The digitised newspapers are transcribed electronically, however this process isn't 100% accurate due to the quality of the original newspapers or small text size. There's nothing as accurate as the human eye, so we need your help to correct them. By helping to fix the text of the newspaper, it's easier to search and a better resource for everyone!

You don't need to create an account to get started, but it's much easier if you do. Create an account or login to Trove. It's easy and only takes a minute.

Tips and tricks:
There are lots of excellent tips for text correcting newspapers on Trove that will help you out.

Get text correcting:
Choose one of the assignments below to get text correcting in Trove - all 1915 issues of The Queenslander newspaper or correcting a newspaper article published on your birthday.

The Queenslander newspaper 1915

Beginning in 2014, nations across the world will be remembering the lives of those who lived, fought and died in the First World War. Help State Library of Queensland and discover more about the lives of Queenslanders a century ago by text correcting articles in The Queenslander newspaper from 1915. Text correcting is easy and it helps researchers, family members and anyone interested in history to locate and tell stories from that time.

Text correct an interesting article for each day of World War One

For those who have been text-correcting for a while and are comfortable searching in Trove, this project gives you the freedom of choosing your own article to text-correct and the excitement of helping to shape the research in the lead up to the WW1 Centenary.

Step 1: Go to the Queensland newspapers section in Trove.

Step 2: Select a newspaper you'd like to search (this could be from your home town).

Step 3: Find an issue from this day (today) but during 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918 or 1919. Use the drop down menu and click on the corresponding month and day to get to the right newspaper.

Step 4: Once you're at the right newspaper find an interesting article and text-correct it.

Step 5: Once you've finished, email us the link: discovery@slq.qld.gov.au

Difficulty: More experienced

Queensland in the kitchen: Recipes from 1950

Cheese Jellies anyone? Marbled lettuce? How about some creamed whitebait in grapefruit cases? Join us in having a look at the weird world of retro cooking in these recipes published in Queensland newspapers during 1950. Feel free to add any other recipes you find from 1950 to the list!

Start here: Scroll through this list and choose articles you'd like to correct (and please let us know if you decide to make any of of these delicacies).

Difficulty: Beginner

Progress: 90% completed

The Spanish 'flu in Queensland 1918-1919

In 1918 you wouldn't have been crazy to have wondered if the end was nigh. WW1 still wasn't over and the world hadn't seen peace for nearly 4 years. Then came the ‘Spanish’ influenza which is estimated at claiming between 20-50 million lives around the world. The Spanish 'flu reached Queensland in 1919 and through this collection of articles we can see how Queensland reacted to the pandemic.

Start here: Scroll through this list and choose articles you'd like to correct.

Difficulty: Beginner

Progress: 90% completed

Florence Broadhurst 1899 - 1977

Designer, landscape artist, performer, society figurehead, style maven and entrepreneur of her defining venture - an internationally-successful, luxury, hand-print wallpaper business. Queensland born Florence Broadhurst was all of these and more, enigmatic even in death, as her 1977 Sydney murder remains unsolved. This is a collection of articles from Queensland and NSW newspapers about Florence; never far from the news and always fascinating. Please feel free to add any other articles you may find in Trove!

Start here: Scroll through this list and choose articles you'd like to correct.

Difficulty: Beginner

Progress: 20% completed

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