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In 2017, State Library of Queensland (SLQ) will present a Digital Futures program of free tech play days, interactive exhibition and game lab, discussions, and workshops.

Elements of the digital landscape, in which we now learn, work and play, including adaptive technologies, education, robotics, new business models, social media, mobile technology, and virtual worlds, will be showcased, tested and discussed through the Digital Futures year-long program.

Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy Leeanne Enoch said that Digital Futures is about deepening understanding around digital innovation and digital literacy across Queensland.

“SLQ’s Digital Futures program highlights the importance of providing communities and businesses across the state with the skills and connectivity to thrive in the digital age, an initiative the Queensland Government is committed to achieving,” Ms Enoch said.

“Technology now reaches almost every aspect of our lives, and increased use of digital technologies is providing a range of new and exciting opportunities for Queensland – a state which has long been a hotspot for innovation and development.”

State Librarian and CEO Vicki McDonald said that Digital Futures invites Queenslanders to immerse themselves in futurism, digital participation and our digital place.

“Technology has given us new tools through which to question, understand, re-imagine and contribute to communities and the world we live in.

“Most aspects of daily life have been altered by the digital age and the aim of Digital Futures is to explore the impacts and challenges of this, as well as the possibilities technology offers,” Ms McDonald said.

“Through Digital Futures and associated programming, we explore how technological advances are changing how we learn and access information, our economy, our environment, our leisure activities, the future of employment and the workforce, and how these changes are affecting us on a fundamental, human level,” Ms McDonald said.

The centre of the Digital Futures program is the interactive and intriguing Digital Futures Lab, housed in the SLQ Gallery. In this immersive space, visitors can experience cutting-edge technologies, have a virtual reality experience, engage with real-life robots and learn mindfulness from devices.

Visitors to Digital Futures Lab will receive information, hands-on tech experiences and be presented with provocative questions to prompt inquisitive thinking and perhaps spark the imagination.

A deeper experience of the Digital Futures Lab is currently offered each week at the Wednesday Play Day sessions. Visitors can try their hand at cutting-edge technologies such as HP Sprout which enables 3D scanning and digital mash-ups, or contribute to the interactive and ever-growing interactive art installation Hive Mind.

Digital Futures Lab is free and open in SLQ Gallery at State Library of Queensland until 5 November. For full Digital Futures programming details please visit

Interviews and images are available upon request.

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