The Philanthropists, the Projects and the Pitch

It is always rewarding to give to a worthy cause, but it’s even more fun when you can choose how your money is spent. That’s what the one hundred philanthropists attending The Queensland Library Foundation’s (QLF) fundraising event will do, when project teams pitch at State Library of Queensland (SLQ) on Tuesday, July 5.

Called Crowd Giving, the event aims to bring together 100 people who have each donated $100 dollars up to that date, creating a collective $10,000 kitty.

The Queensland Library Foundation is calling on people to dig deep and make a tax deductible donation, then vote on the night for one of our three diverse projects vying for funding.

A vote for Honouring Queenslanders is a vote to celebrate, honour, capture and record for posterity, the lives of everyday Queenslanders. They could be your family member, your neighbour, a returned soldier, recent immigrant, renowned artist or business leader.

A vote for Building a Future is a vote for democracy giving everyone the opportunity to engage in the digital revolution, regardless of gender, age, socio-economic standing or cultural heritage. If you have that next brilliant Queensland design burning a hole in your imagination, we will provide the tools for you to make it, and allow you to take control of your creative process.

Fun Palaces is about creativity in community, particularly in the regions, that can change the world for the better. A vote for this project is a vote for finding the genius, the artist, or the scientist in everyone through access to new technologies, arts and science.

All three SLQ project team leaders will pitch their projects to their philanthropic audience, competing for audience votes to secure funding. The presenters will be quizzed by a philanthropic champion, as well as the audience, to determine the most worthy project.

SLQ is a hub of collaboration and oversees a diversity of work, so projects will showcase historical and cultural preservation, science and technology, and community engagement. The event will also serve to put the power of choice in the donors’ hand and empower them to think about the impact of giving when providing donations.

The Queensland Library Foundation is the fund-raising arm of the State Library of Queensland which works to maintain, enhance and expand its collections, facilities and services.  To donate go to

Media contact:
Julie Fullerton | 0467 55 00 29 |

Gavin Bannerman, Executive Manager Queensland Memory State Library of Queensland is available for interviews.

Event: Queensland Library Foundation Crowd Giving
Date: Tuesday, July 5
Time:   6.30pm – 8.00pm
Venue: Auditorium 1 - State Library of Queensland, Stanley Place, South Brisbane
Donation: $100 - All donations to the Queensland Library Foundation of $2 or more are tax-deductible and if received by June 28, 2016, can be issued with a receipt for this financial year.

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