Siganto Foundation Artists' Books Fellows announced by State Library of Queensland

Two artists have been awarded Siganto Foundation Artists' Books Fellowships to create new works for State Library's nationally significant collection of artists' books.

Julie Barratt and Clyde McGill have been awarded $9,000 each to spend six months creating new works.

Printmaker Julie Barratt has concentrated on artists' books construction for the last few years. She is interested in tactility and texture and employs embossing, stitching, and collograph printing in her books.

Her project Blair Athol Re-cut is a pictorial and oral history project to be realised in the form of a sculptural artist's book.

Ms Barratt said, "The book will speak about the displacement of an entire township to make way for an open-cut coal mine.

"As a child living on the nearby Blair Athol Station, this relocation had a direct impact on my childhood, my sense of place, and my sense of community as friends and family were relocated to neighbouring town Clermont."

Ms Barratt said her book would be made up of pages inlaid with historical road maps from SLQ's John Oxley Library which show Blair Athol as a town.

"The etched maps will be overlaid with images and text," she said.

SLQ currently holds two of Julie Barratt's works, 'Collateral Damage' and 'A place called touch'.

Clyde McGill is an artist working across a wide range of artistic practices and areas of interest including: performance, drawing, artists' books, video and still photography, printmaking, and collaborative art.

His project is entitled 'Looking for Queensland's boundaries: the poetry and magic of ephemeral evidence'. In this work McGill will address the ephemeral in the collections, from bus tickets to maps as well as exploring the counterpoint of permanency of ephemera within library collections.

Mr McGill said he was interested in the changing elements that reflect the flux and context of place in Queensland. 

SLQ holds four of McGill's artists' books, 'A remnant of a journey, he said, to the space between us/to Berlin', 'Atlas strongman', 'Inside/Outside (ii)', and 'Souvenirs'.

State Library has just opened a new round of Siganto Artists' Books Fellowships closing on 1 June. Two Fellowships are available – the Creative Fellowship is open to artists' books makers to create a new work based on State Library's collections and the Research Fellowship is open to scholars and researchers interested in generating new knowledge about State Library's nationally significant artists' books collections.

For more information about the Fellowships or how to apply, see Awards and competitions.

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