First World War research fellowships announced

State Library of Queensland’s inaugural Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation fellowships, proudly supported by the Queensland Government, have been announced today.

Four Fellows from varied backgrounds will be awarded $15,000 each to fund their research project relating to Queensland’s experience of the First World War.

Fellows will use Queensland’s primary documentary heritage collections in the John Oxley Library, Queensland State Archives and Queensland Museum in the fulfilment of their fellowship.

The 2014 Fellows are: Elaine Acworth, multi-award winning playwright; Dr Neville Buch, historical consultant and author; Robert Hogg, published researcher and writer; and local Brisbane performer and composer, John Thompson.

State Librarian Janette Wright said a great response was received in the fellowship program’s first year.
“Many applications successfully outlined how their proposed project could contribute to new knowledge about Queensland and the First World War, although four applications in particular stood out as exciting, impressive proposals that State Library is proud to support,” Ms Wright said.

“The 2014 Fellows have presented projects that will uncover and interpret Queensland’s experience of the First World War in compelling ways, including the development of a dramatic work, a study of Queensland’s intellectual history, a musical composition and performance based on wartime censorship, and a research project exploring soldiers’ sense of identity and belonging.”

Elaine Acworth’s proposed dramatic work My Father’s Wars follows the story of her own father who fought in both world wars. Elaine’s story personalises the costs and rewards of massive continental conflict half a world away through the life of a Queensland man and his family, in an intimate and known context.

Dr Neville Buch’s project Queensland community thinkers and their social-political formations during World War I: passion and reason for war and peace 1914–19 will examine the diversity of opinion and shifting attitudes of Queenslanders during this tumultuous time.

John Thompson will bring new knowledge to light through a distinctly Queensland project entitled Censors, Conscripts & Queensland – J.J. Stable and the Battle for Hansard. Mr Thompson’s research will focus on the Stable collection which includes Hansard No. 37, a record of Premier T.J. Ryan’s controversial speech which was ordered to be destroyed by Prime Minister Billy Hughes. One of only three copies of Hansard No. 37 that survived the Prime Minister’s orders is held in the John Oxley Library.

Robert Hogg’s research project, Queensland’s soldiers: place, identity and stories of belonging in the First World War investigates the largely unexplored themes of identify, place and belonging. Using the diaries, photographs and personal letters of soldiers who went to Gallipoli and the Western front, Mr Hogg will explore soldiers’ attachment to their home state and how they identified themselves as Queenslanders.

Arts Minister Ian Walker congratulated the winning Fellows.

“I am impressed with the depth and range of these projects,” Mr Walker said. “They will give us new perspectives of Queensland’s experience of the First World War and its many impacts. It will be fascinating to see how the Fellows use Queensland’s key heritage collections, including the John Oxley Library, to
expand our understanding of the First World War and this important time in Queensland’s history.”

The annual fellowship program is part of Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation, a five year legacy project led by State Library and proudly supported by the Queensland Government, commemorating the centenary of the First World War and Anzac across Queensland.

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