Crack the code to make reading part of your holiday fun

State Library of Queensland is challenging children to investigate mysteries, hunt down clues and become masters of disguise as part of this year’s popular Summer Reading Club.

State Librarian Janette Wright said the Summer Reading Club offered an array of free creative activities designed to inspire and entertain over the holiday period.

“We’re taking a page out of Nancy Drew’s notebook and tapping into the allure of mystery and investigation to keep children reading all summer long,” said Ms Wright.

“Research has shown that children who read for pleasure are the best readers,” she said. “The Summer Reading Club promotes a love of books and reading over the holiday period when it can sometimes be difficult for families to maintain a reading program. To join the club, visit your local public library or go online at for super sleuth competitions and games, to read book raves, create your own book trailer, chat with other book lovers, and follow writing and illustration blogs.  Clubbers need to crack the code in order to finish stories written by Martin Chatterton, Matt Porter and Duncan Shelrich, and will go on mysterious, endless adventures as they unravel Tim Sinclair’s choose-your-own-adventure tales.  Information for parents and carers is also available to help make the most of the holidays,” said Ms Wright.

The Summer Reading Club is a free national literacy program developed by State Library of Queensland and run online through 850 public libraries across Australia.

Last year, nearly 35,000 Australian children joined the Summer Reading Club, and read more than 260,000 books over the summer period.

The Summer Reading Club is delivered in partnership with the Australian Library and Information Association, and public libraries across Australia.

Summer Reading Club
2 December 2013 – 31 January 2014 or at your local public library

Media Contact: Shahedah Sabdia, SLQ Communications | | 07 3842 9847

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