Inaugural Queensland Business History Award announced

The Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame announced the winner of the inaugural 2013 Queensland Business History Award, Brisbane Markets Limited.

State Librarian Janette Wright said, “The Queensland Business History Award, presented by State Library of Queensland at the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame induction dinner, recognises leadership in collecting, preserving and sharing business history.”

A new addition to the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame initiative, founded in 2009 by State Library of Queensland, Queensland Library Foundation and QUT Business School, the annual award aims to reward businesses that cherish, protect, value and share their corporate story.

This year’s winner, Brisbane Markets Limited, has seen many challenging times over the years but remains to lead by example, receiving the award for their excellent approach to record keeping.

With historical records dating back over 150 years, Brisbane Markets Limited is proud of its past and preserves its unique and important historical documents and items. Since the organisation’s establishment in 1868, historical documents and memorabilia were stored in boxes by staff, unaware of their significance.

In 2010, a ‘Brisbane Markets History Task Force’ was created to catalogue and organise the company’s records and treasures.  The task force developed a Collection Room of photographs, memorabilia and film which is now available for public viewing at its Rocklea offices, Monday to Friday.

Preserving business records helps co-create Queensland’s memory for future generations and State Library of Queensland encourages all businesses to get on board. Ms Wright said, “Brisbane Markets Limited’s commitment and dedication to keeping all its unique records intact and sharing them with the community is outstanding.
Photographs, ephemera, film, correspondence, donated ledgers, minute books, annual reports and oral histories all play a part in telling Queensland’s narrative. The Queensland Business History Award encourages businesses and business leaders to elevate the importance of safeguarding their irreplaceable historical material.”

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