Indigenous Knowledge Centres

Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) are owned and operated by Indigenous Shire Councils. Councils are responsible for the physical infrastructure, staffing and day to day operations of their IKC. State Library of Queensland (SLQ) contributes financial support to Councils to assist with the operational costs of the IKCs including staffing, collections of library materials, professional development. SLQ also collaborates closely with Indigenous Councils to provide guidance and assistance on programs, activities and events that could be delivered through IKCs.

Services provided by IKCs to the community are delivered at the discretion of Council and vary between IKCs, but may include:

  • Lending of items,
  • Public access to Information Technology and devices,
  • Public programs
  • Promotion of programs that encourage the capture and retention of traditional knowledge, culture and languages,
  • Family history research,
  • Preservation of materials

SLQ currently supports many IKCs, operated by 12 Indigenous Shire Councils. The IKCs are located across Queensland from the Torres Straits and Cape York regions in the north to Cherbourg in the south. The first council operated Indigenous Knowledge Centre was established in 2002, with SLQ assisting Councils to open, refurbish and relocate IKCs since that time. SLQ operates the kuril dhagun Indigenous space, located in the Cultural Precinct, on Brisbane’s South Bank.

IKC locations

Southern Queensland

Cherbourg (Winifred Fisher Knowledge Centre)

Central Queensland


North Queensland

Palm Island (Bwgcolman Indigenous Knowledge Centre)

Cape York and the Northern Peninsula Area

Hope Vale
Lockhart River
New Mapoon
Wujal Wujal

Torres Strait

Badu (Mulgrave Island)
Boigu (Talbot Island)
Dauan (Mt Cornwallis Island)
Erub (Darnley Island)
Kiriri (Hammond Island)
Iama (Yam Island)
Kubin Village, Moa Island (Banks Island)
Mabuiag (Jervis Island)
Poruma (Coconut Island)
Warraber (Sue Island)

The Directory of Queensland public libraries gives more information for each IKC.

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