Public Libraries and Engagement

The Public Libraries and Engagement portfolio supports Queensland’s public libraries through advocacy, training, advice and financial support. It helps more than 340 public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) meet the library needs of Queenslanders and improve access to information resources.

Working with local governments to enhance public library services, our major responsibilities are to:

  • develop ways to overcome barriers to access to information for all Queenslanders
  • provide grants to local governments operating Independent library services
  • manage Rural Libraries Queensland (formerly the Country Lending Service)
  • provide advisory services, publications and training on aspects of library management and service development
  • distribute resources state-wide to meet the needs of the whole community, including specialised resources, reference services and interlibrary loans
  • facilitate public library networking and resource-sharing throughout Queensland, including enhancing access to global resources through information technologies
  • implement the strategic vision for public libraries, Realising our potential: A vision for Queensland public libraries
  • support and facilitate best practice family literacy programming in public libraries.

More information for public library staff is available at the following links:

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