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The Library Board of Queensland is the legal entity which operates State Library of Queensland under the requirements of the Libraries Act 1988 (Queensland). Administratively, the State Library sits within the portfolio of Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy. The State Library's history now extends back for more than a century, having begun in 1902 with the establishment of the Public Library of Queensland.

Library Board of Queensland

The governing body of the State Library, the Library Board, has one committee (Audit and Risk Management) and two advisory groups (Indigenous Advisory Group, Public Libraries Advisory Group) to advise and inform it on issues which arise within the scope of each body.

State Library Executive

Vicki McDonald

State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer, Office of the State Librarian - Vicki McDonald

The State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the proper and sound management of the State Library, under the authority of the Library Board of Queensland. The State Librarian provides strategic advice and direction to the Library Board; plans and develops new initiatives, services and programs; manages the resources of the State Library; and initiates strategic partnerships.

Anna Raunik

Acting Executive Director, Content Development - Anna Raunik

The Content Development program provides visitors to State Library with physical and virtual access to Queensland's diverse collections and services. Collection strengths include the Australian Library of Art, the John Oxley Library of Queensland history, and one of Australia's foremost music collections.
Services include onsite and virtual information services (including free statewide access to a number of eresources), free internet access, business information, photographic and digital reproduction, preservation and conservation.

Louise Denoon

Executive Director, Regional Access and Public Libraries - Louise Denoon

Regional Access and Public Libraries provides support for Local Government and communities to deliver library services in over 340 library and Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC) service points in Queensland. To contribute to build fair, socially cohesive, information rich, economically strong, literate and culturally vibrant communities, State Library provides grant funding, regional programming, training, digital services and facilitates innovation in library practice.

Rita McLucas

Executive Director, Corporate Governance and Operations - Rita McLucas

Corporate Governance and Operations supports the State Library's activities via the provision of proactive and innovative advice, financial, facilities and human resource services, as well as governance, planning and general administration.

Additionally, Corporate Governance and Operations provides the operational link to Corporate Administration Agency and Internal Audit.

Jane Cowell

Executive Director, Engagement and Partnerships - Jane Cowell

The program, Engagement and Partnerships, reflects an emphasis on innovative, cohesive and collaborative programs and service delivery. It has a key role in developing and nurturing partnerships that will assist State Library to achieve its mission, and improve access to library services for all Queenslanders in the context of our contemporary digital society. This program encompasses kuril dhagun, Reading, Writing & Ideas, The Edge, Asia Pacific Design Library and Community Engagement and Partnerships

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