Towards 2020: State Library of Queensland Strategic Plan 2015-19

Download the SLQ Strategic plan 2015-19 (PDF 1.4 MB)

State Library of Queensland is a vital community resource – a place for sharing, learning, collaborating, and creating.

Our key services include:

  • Public library leadership and development including grants administration and management, collection services, and professional development, with a focus on the sustainability of small rural and remote libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres.
  • Free access to print, digital and original resources, with a focus on digital and on collecting and preserving Queensland’s unique cultural and documentary heritage, including Queensland’s oral traditions.
  • Promoting research and capturing and documenting the story of Queensland.
  • Managing the life cycle for the State collection assets including acquisition, description, preservation, access and discovery for current and future generations.
  • Visitor services including information and research services, jobseeker and business support, and public programs.
  • Free access to spaces, meeting rooms, wi-fi, and centres of engagement with: children and young people (The Corner); Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples (kuril dhagun and Indigenous Knowledge Centres); arts, science technology and enterprise (The Edge); design (Asia Pacific Design Library), and reading and writing.

SLQ’s governing body, the Library Board of Queensland, draws its powers from the Libraries Act 1988.

Our strategic directions are guided by this Act and the Government’s objectives.

SLQ and Queensland public libraries support the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community: delivering quality frontline services (achieving better education and training options and supporting disadvantaged Queenslanders); building safe, caring and connected communities (encouraging safer and inclusive communities and building regions); creating jobs and a diverse economy (increasing workforce participation and stimulating economic growth and innovation) and protecting the environment (conserving heritage).

SLQ contributes to the cultural, social and intellectual development of Queenslanders. Our remit is multidisciplinary and we also provide
support across a broader government agenda in science, innovation, IT and enterprise. We have been collaborating with the community for a long time and will continue to do so. We build shared infrastructure through our investment in online content. We work with regions, local government and Queensland libraries and communities to create vibrant programs that help strengthen their community. We support our enduring partnership with the Arts Statutory Bodies across the Cultural Precinct, and with Queensland State Archives and other institutions collecting cultural heritage material.

We have embraced the transition to sustainable business models through our work with industry in regional Queensland and our innovative work
in philanthropy. Most importantly we inspire Queensland’s creativity by ensuring more Queenslanders can participate in cultural life.

Key challenges:

  • Under the Libraries Act 1988, the State Library must collect, arrange, preserve and provide access to a comprehensive collection of resources relating to Queensland.

This includes:

  • digitising legacy content to make it accessible
  • capturing born digital content (e.g. websites, blogs, Twitter feeds)
  • building infrastructure to ensure long term access to digital content.
  • Advancing the digital library is challenging given the pace of technological changes and uncertainty of digital preservation.
  • Inconsistent connectivity across Queensland creates greater barriers to access for those in regional and remote areas.
  • The openness movement will radically transform curation, collection use, programming and the creation of new knowledge.
  • Changing people’s perceptions about what a library is and can be in 2020.
  • As a publicly funded institution that belongs to the community, we must maximise resources and strike the right balance in government funding versus corporate and philanthropic support.

Our vision

We inspire the way people live, work, play and learn, wherever they are.

In 2020 the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) is renowned as the trusted library for Queensland’s cultural and documentary heritage, and a
destination for curiosity, innovation, inspiration and creativity.

We provide access to a wealth of unique resources for those who want to read, learn, write, publish, or create.

Our online library has a global presence and transforms people’s ability to access digitised Queensland material and to connect across regional and remote Queensland.

In 2020 we enable greater access for all in our community, including those who are disadvantaged or left behind. We actively collaborate with the wider community to ensure literacy and capability is developed across all regions of Queensland.
We develop sustainable services, are innovative in our application of funding, and establish strong partnerships. We partner with local
government, public libraries, the GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), and the business and academic sectors.
We enable the growth of knowledge, innovation and enterprise.

Our purpose

Inspiring Queensland's creativityforever

Our key strategies

  1. Reduce barriers to access
  2. Building capacity in the regions
  3. Enabling new enterprise
  4. Future-proofing the digital library

Critical  success factor 1: Enable access

Key objectives

  • Provide life skills and early childhood literacy programs
  • Increase free access to digital content
  • Strengthen Queensland library infrastructure and discovery platforms

Critical success factor 2: Engage community

Key objectives

  • Grow the State’s historical collection of Queensland culture and heritage
  • Engage with communities of interest through dedicated centres of engagement
  • Facilitate the community’s use of and interaction with content

Critical success factor 3: Build capacity

Key objectives

  • Build capacity within our communities of interest
  • Generate new revenue sources
  • Position our workforce for the future

Performance measures

  • Increased use of digital content
  • Increased membership throughout Queensland
  • Increase in public libraries visitation
  • Increase in self-generated revenue
  • Staff engagement
  • SDS (Effectiveness) – Customer Satisfaction
  • SDS (Efficiency) – Increase in efficiency (Onsite + Online visitation/Budget)

Our enduring values

We provide free and equitable access to reliable information, wi-fi, knowledge resources, exhibitions/events, learning programs, meeting rooms.

We share resources, information, open data, eresources, cool stuff, tech stuff, great spaces.

We seek diverse voices respect for different views, no censorship.

We belong to the community publicly funded and philanthropically supported, ‘for’, ‘with’ and ‘by’ the community, remain unbiased.

Our guiding behaviours

Customers first

  • Know your customer
  • Deliver what matters
  • Make decisions with empathy

Ideas into action

  • Challenge the norm and suggest solutions
  • Encourage and embrace new ideas
  • Work across boundaries

Unleash potential

  • Expect greatness
  • Lead and set clear expectations
  • Seek, provide and act on feedback

Be courageous

  • Own your actions,successes and mistakes
  • Take calculated risks
  • Act with transparency

Empower people

  • Lead, empower and trust
  • Play to everyone’s strengths
  • Develop yourself and those around you

Key policies that inform our Strategic Plan

  • Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation Strategic Plan 2014–18
  • The Next Horizon: VISION 2017 for Queensland Public Libraries
  • As a member of National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA), SLQ influences and supports NSLA’s Leading Collaboration: Strategic plan 2015–2017, as well as supporting Australian Library Information Association and International Federation of Library Association policies.
  • Commonwealth Government’s The People of Australia: Australia’s Multicultural Policy
  • Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Closing the Gap strategy.

Corporate governance framework

SLQ’s corporate governance framework facilitates effective and efficient delivery of its responsibilities. Built on a comprehensive approach
to planning, management and reporting to the Library Board of Queensland and the Queensland Government, it ensures accountability
at all levels of the organisation.

This Strategic Plan is for the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2019. Further detail on the activities and performance measures for the first year of this Strategic Plan is available in SLQ’s Operational Plan 2015–16.

Key reporting elements include:

  • Annual Reports
  • Service Delivery Statements (

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