Strategic Plan 2013-17

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State Library of Queensland is a vibrant and innovative 21st century library. It is an inclusive and welcoming place for all, a trusted source for information, a place for intellectual freedom and creativity and the primary custodian of Queensland’s memory. As a physical and virtual place/space for sharing, learning, collaborating and creating, State Library meets its legislative priorities of contributing to the cultural, social and intellectual development of all Queenslanders.

Our key services include:

  • advocacy for public library services for all  Queenslanders
  • public library development including grants  administration and management, collection services, and professional development
  • promoting research and understanding of our unique  Queensland history through the John Oxley Library
  • capturing and documenting the story of Queensland for current and future generations
  • managing the life cycle for the State collection assets  valued in excess of $101 million, including acquisition,  description, preservation, access and discovery
  • onsite and online visitor and information services  including information/research services, venue hire, cafĂ©, and bookshop
  • creative and culturally engaged programs with  children, youth, family, Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • centres of engagement with: children and young people (The Corner); Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples (kuril dhagun and Indigenous Knowledge Centres); arts, science technology and enterprise (The Edge); and design (Asia Pacific  Design Library

State Library supports a network of 340 public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres and provides state-wide electronic access to a wide range of information resources, including a rapidly growing range of digitised unique Queensland material. State Library and Queensland public libraries support Government objectives by providing frontline services, growing the economy through knowledge and skills development and delivering better knowledge infrastructure. More recently State Library has been exploring innovative ways to support the tourism and mining sectors as part of the Government’s focus on the four pillar economy.

Queenslanders have demonstrated strong support for their public libraries, with 45% holding public library membership. An independent study in 2012–13 showed that for every $100 invested, Queensland public libraries deliver $230 dollars-worth of value to their communities.
The State’s population is growing, with Queensland’s cultural heritage and communities becoming increasingly diverse. State Library has a century-long established role as a trusted collector and preserver of memory. Negotiating the risks and opportunities associated with the ongoing digital revolution is a key strategic challenge.

Enriching the lives of all Queenslanders

Creatively engaging people with information, knowledge and community

SLQ respects diversity, advocates for knowledge, growth and innovation and works with integrity and accountability

1. Improve access to library services

Performance measures
Client satisfaction with services and programs (SDS)
Visits to State Library:

  • Onsite
  • Online

Visits to Queensland public libraries
Usage of collection

  • onsite and online
  • Growth of State Library membership


  1. Identify and address barriers to access, including print and digital literacy issues; cultural, language and social barriers; and geographic and technological barriers
  2. Accelerate the transition to increasingly digital modes of delivery to increase public value and make content, services and programs accessible to everyone.
  3. Demonstrate a long term committment to engaging with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  4. Partner with local government to advocate for and support the development and sustainability of public libraries, including Indigenous Knowledge Centres

2. Co-create Queensland's memory

Performance measures

  • Growth of John Oxley Library content
  • Visits to Queensland Memory blogs


  1. Collaborate with people and organisations to develop, collect, share and create Queensland content (stories, knowledge, and culture) for current and future generations
  2. Ensure the longevity of Queensland content by growing capacity in research, curation, preservation and discovery
  3. Make visible the diverse knowledge, stories, culture and creative outputs from people around the state.

3. Extend learning and creative experiences

Performance measures

  • Participants in public programs - onsite and through regional Queensland
  • Participants in public programs online


  1. Develop and tailor specific models of engagement, 'for, with and by' diverse communities
  2. Inspire people's passion for and capacity to read, write, learn and share ideas.
  3. Extend the reach of our services through onsite, online and offsite offers

4. Develop our people and capability

Performance measures

  • Increase in staff satisfaction
  • Increase in own source revenue
  • Percentage increase in the efficiency of servcie delivery (SDS)


  1. Foster a culture of engagement and entrepreneurialism
  2. Identify and create new revenue streams
  3. Embed a whole of library approach to collaborating with government, partners, donors and sponsors.
  4. Ensure best practice management of our services, facilities, assets and resources

Key policies that inform our Strategic Plan

  • Getting Queensland Back on Track
  • Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts Strategic Plan 2012–16
  • As a member of National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA), SLQ influences and supports the change agenda outlined in the Re-imagining Library Services Strategic Plan, as well as supporting the Australian Library Information Association and the International Federation of Library Associations policies.
  • Commonwealth Government’s The People of Australia: Australia’s Multicultural Policy
  • Council of Australian Governments Closing the Gap strategy
  • SLQ is participating in the current collaborative work  to deliver on the government’s public commitment to develop a Cultural Precinct Strategy.

Corporate Governance Framework

SLQ’s governing body, the Library Board of Queensland (LBQ), draws its powers from the Libraries Act 1988, the object of which is to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual development of all Queenslanders. The guiding principles for achieving this objective are set out in section 1B of the Libraries Act 1988.

SLQ’s corporate governance framework facilitates effective and efficient delivery of its responsibilities. Built on a comprehensive approach to planning, management and reporting to LBQ and the Queensland Government, it ensures accountability at all levels of the organisation. SLQ regularly reviews its services to ensure accountability and efficiency of operations.

This Strategic Plan is for the period 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2017. Further detail on the activities and performance measures for the first year of this Strategic Plan is available in SLQ’s Operational Plan 2013–14. Further details on SLQ can also be found in:

Annual Reports

Service Delivery Statements

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