State Library of Queensland Strategic Plan 2018–2022

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Founded in 1896, the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) is the leading reference and research library in Queensland.  SLQ is responsible for collecting and preserving a comprehensive collection of Queensland’s cultural and documentary heritage, providing free access to information for all Queenslanders and for the advancement of public libraries across the State.  The object of the Libraries Act 1988 is “to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual development of all Queenslanders.”

We achieve our purpose by:

  • collecting and preserving a trusted record of Queensland;
  • encouraging research to deepen the knowledge of Queensland past and present;
  • interpreting Queensland stories through exhibitions, events, discussion and debate;
  • developing an inclusive library service, addressing diverse needs, strengthening opportunities for the expression of ideas and fostering the appreciation of difference;
  • providing access to collections and services in a range of formats and channels, so they are available to all, regardless of geographical location;
  • recognising the unique knowledge and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,  and working with communities to ensure their history and culture is preserved; and
  • advocating for public libraries and partnering with local government to provide Queenslanders with the opportunities to participate fully in the economic, social, political and cultural dimensions of society.


Inspiring possibilities through knowledge, stories and creativity.

As custodian of Queensland’s cultural, intellectual and social achievements, SLQ is an inspiring and wondrous place.   Our collections, learning programs, exhibitions and events aim to inspire lives in lasting and meaningful ways.

In the future, SLQ will inspire more people, wherever they are, with greater impact.

Through our collections, SLQ will promote Queensland’s stories and achievements to the world.

Collaborating with government, partners and the community, SLQ will increase access to knowledge and learning opportunities across all regions of Queensland.

By developing a more diverse collection and providing opportunities for discussion, SLQ will nurture active citizenship and diverse voices with alternative stories to tell.

SLQ will seamlessly integrate physical and digital, developing an online presence with a global impact, empowering people to access material and connect across regional and remote Queensland, the nation and beyond.

The important partnership with local government will enable a thriving statewide network of Queensland public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres.

SLQ will help to build a creative Queensland, offering more opportunities for the creation of content, new thinking, creative experimentation, and innovation.

Our creative, agile and flexible workforce will enable SLQ to constantly transform, to be relevant to all people in the different stages of their lives, and in response to changes in the community.

Objectives and strategies

1. Enable Access
1.1 Increase access and interpretation of our content and services
1.2 Partner with local government to enable a thriving network of public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres
1.3 Future proof our digital library

Performance indicators

  • Increased use of content
  • Increased SLQ membership
  • Increased visitation to public libraries

2. Engage Community
2.1 Build the state collection of Queensland’s documentary culture and heritage
2.2 Engage with the community through our diverse and inclusive public programs
2.3 Inspire the community to use and interact with our content

Performance indicators

  • Increase in John Oxley Library collections
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Visits to SLQ onsite and online
  • Increase in efficiency (onsite and online visitation/budget)

3. Build Capability
3.1 Enable digitally inclusive, literate communities that are skilled for the 21st century
3.2 Advance the growth of business innovation and skills
3.3 Position our organisation for the future

Performance indicators

  • Participation in public programs
  • Increase in self-generated revenue
  • Staff engagement with SLQ

Strategic risks

  • Failure to balance the need to collect, store and preserve both print and digital content, resulting in important information about Queensland being permanently lost.
  • Failure to develop preservation infrastructure and processes to continually update digital collection formats, resulting in unique Queensland material not being accessible in the future.
  • Failure to provide free access to information, technology and learning programs, resulting in a growth of the digital divide in Queensland (across the aspects of access, affordability and ability) and people experiencing poverty and inequality being deprived of information and services.
  • Failure to evolve the community’s understanding of library services (which are changing rapidly in response to community needs), resulting in many Queenslanders and small businesses not keeping pace with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.

Strategic opportunities

  • The richness and uniqueness of our collection of Queensland’s documentary culture and heritage.
  • The partnership between state and local government creates a statewide network of over 320 public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs), with over 2 million members.
  • SLQ, public libraries and IKCs are uniquely positioned to deliver learning programs for the community, from early literacy to adult literacy and digital literacy, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) programs.
  • Due to our trusted presence in the community, SLQ, public libraries and IKCs can deliver initiatives for disadvantaged Queensland communities to reduce social inequality and the digital divide.

SLQ supports the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities, in particular:

Give all our children a great start
Delivering programs such as First 5 Forever, a statewide family literacy initiative to give families the information and tools they need to help children develop language and literacy skills through public libraries.

Keep communities safe
Providing welcoming places for everyone, free access to a wide range of information and opportunities for the open exchange of ideas and exposure to different perspectives.

Create jobs in a strong economy
Supporting entrepreneurs to create new businesses and enabling current small businesses to transform into digital business.
Providing lifelong learning programs, including assistance with job hunting and submitting applications online.

Queensland Government funding allocated for SLQ’s operations over the next three years:

2018-19 ($'000)
2019-20 ($'000)
2020-21 ($'000)

Our enduring values

  • We provide free and equitable access
  • We share
  • We seek diverse voices
  • We belong to the community

Our guiding behaviours

  • Customers first
  • Ideas into action
  • Unleash potential
  • Be courageous
  • Empower people

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