Multicultural Action Plan 2012-13

Download the Multicultural Action Plan 2012-13  (PDF 302.4 KB)

Note: this document has been superseded by the Multicultural Engagement Framework.

Our vision: Enriching the lives of all Queenslanders

Our mission: Creatively engaging people with information, knowledge and community

Background: Australia and Queensland are rated among the world’s most culturally diverse populations.   In 2011, 888,636 people (20.5% of the population) in Queensland were born overseas. This is an 2.6% increase1  since 2006.  There are over 150 languages spoken in Queensland with 423,841 people (9.8% of the population) speaking a language other than English (LOTE) at home. 1

All levels of government are committed to supporting multicultural Australia through policy and action planning, which ensures  fairness, inclusion, cultural and linguistic appreciation, and access to resources and services.

State Library of Queensland’s (SLQ) Multicultural Action Plan (MAP) and Multicultural Workforce Strategy (MWS), are consistent with  government policy agendas, including the Australian Government’s Australia in the Asian Century White Paper and the Queensland Multicultural Policy.

The MAP is embedded into SLQ’s strategic and operational plans and annually delivers culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)  programs and services with a particular focus on collections, new technologies and people. It will deliver actions in respect to SLQ’s goals:

  • Improve access to library services
  • Co-create Queensland’s memory
  • Extend learning and creative experiences
  • Develop our people and capability

Our Commitment:

Our MAP seeks to creatively engage and collaborate with  Queensland’s culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)  communities to ensure inclusive and appropriate services.

To achieve this SLQ works with all levels of government, non  government organisations, business, schools, public libraries and community organisations that provide CALD focused  services.

Although the MAP focuses on CALD communities, SLQ  recognises that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples  also contribute greatly to the cultural diversity of Queensland.  SLQ’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce Strategy 2012–2016 represent  our strategic commitments to, and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our key strengths:

  • A wide range of CALD focused events, exhibitions and  outreach programs which attract CALD visitors to SLQ
  • A Content Strategy that commits SLQ to celebrating diversity in our collecting of Queensland content
  • A state-wide CALD reach through Languages Other Than English (LOTE) collection and the MyLanguage website (no longer functional August 2014)
  • A Multicultural Workforce Strategy

Our key challenges:

  • Welcoming CALD communities to use and contribute  material to the John Oxley Library to create their stories of  the Queensland experience
  • CALD employees are under-represented in SLQ’s workforce

Our key partners:

Our key partners include but are not limited to the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland,
Multicultural Development Association, Milpera State High School, the Romero Centre and various CALD community organisations, Queensland  Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and  Multicultural Affairs, Museum and Gallery Services Queensland, Australian South Sea Islander community organisations, Queensland State Archives, Queensland Museum, Wikimedia Foundation, Local Government Association of Queensland, Queensland Public Libraries Association, local government, public libraries, National and State Libraries Australasia, Tourism  Queensland and Brisbane Marketing.

Goal 1: Improve access to  library services


  • 5% increase in use of MyLanguage website (No longer functional August 2014)
  • 5% increase in use of LOTE collection state-wide

We will achieve this through these actions:

  • Promote and support access to collection materials and eresources for CALD clients 
  • Continue to acquire and distribute a LOTE collection to all Queenslanders through public libraries
  • Ensure public and staff computers are adapted for different languages
  • Include English as a Second Language (ESL) and community focused modules into online social 
    networking training  package Looking @ 2.0
  • Continue to support the MyLanguage website and work with public libraries and CALD 
    communities to source Queensland content for MyLanguage
  • Prioritise digitisation of Queensland migration and South Sea Islander heritage material held in 
    SLQ’s John Oxley Library
  • Ensure SLQ’s corporate communications (What’s On and SLQnews) optimise accessibility for 
    CALD communities
  • Embed our brand all yours across SLQ ensuring that the needs of CALD communities are considered
  • Establish a baseline and suitable methodology for regularly measuring CALD visitation to SLQ

Goal 2: Co-create Queensland’s memory 


  • Deliver three initiatives as part of the Queensland Migration Heritage Partnership
  • Deliver a workshop and a symposium as partner in the 150 years of South Sea Islander celebrations

We will achieve this through these actions:

  • Deliver training with CALD communities in creating articles for Wikipedia
  • Showcase CALD communities in online picture collections (Flickr Commons and Historypin)
  • Work with CALD communities, national and state government departments, other cultural institutions and local government to support initiatives that reveal the migrant experience in Queensland — including the Queensland  Migration Heritage Partnership
  • Work with Australian South Sea Islander community groups and other agencies on activities
    in 2013 to mark 150 years of  South Sea Islander presence in Queensland
  • Seek opportunities to support CALD communities and showcase their diverse knowledge,
    stories, culture and creative outputs through The Library Shop events, sourcing relevant stock
    and partnerships with relevant groups

Goal 3: Extend learning  and creative experiences


  • Raise awareness of CALD issues through social inclusion programming 

We will achieve this through these actions:

  • Develop a Multicultural Family Literacy project, in partnership with regional CALD organisations and local government
  • Working with CALD organisations, deliver programs that target a CALD audience including:  the annual Refugee Day Film Festival and other  complementary events; the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival  talks; the Australian Jewish Film Festival; TedX South  Bank Women; Creative Conversations Arts talk refugee art  exhibition; Anywhere Theatre Festival; Live — Queensland band culture exhibition and public programs
  • Promote SLQ as a destination of choice for local CALD communities and international visitors
  • Maintain social inclusion programming as core ongoing activity and establish participation models like the Creative Community Computing project
  • Further develop external partnerships with organisations that support culturally and linguistically diverse groups
  • Establish a baseline and sustainable methodology for regularly measuring CALD attendance and involvement in SLQ events and programs

Goal 4: Develop our people  and capability


  • 100% of SLQ staff have attended cultural sensitivity training

We will achieve this through these actions:

  • Annual update of SLQ’s Multicultural Action Plan as part of a process of continual improvement
  • Host the National MyLanguage Conference 2012
  • Secure representation from a CALD peak body on Library Board of Queensland’s Public Library Advisory Group (PLAG)
  • Ensure the CALD sector is consulted as required in the  development of services and programs
  • Develop a Multicultural Workforce Strategy
  • Seek opportunities to connect and partner with like-minded organisations across the Asia Pacific
  • Conduct cultural sensitivity training for all SLQ staff

1 ABS 2011 census data

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