Multicultural Engagement Framework and Action Plan 2018-21

Our Multicultural Engagement Framework

State Library of Queensland (SLQ) is a custodian of the state’s unique stories. Our historic and contemporary collections inform our programming, public engagement and partnerships. As the state’s leading reference and research library we are a place of experimentation, possibility and inclusion, where knowledge empowers and diversity is celebrated. State Library provides free access to information and partners with more than 320 public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres across the state.

State Library is a place of diversity and inclusiveness that celebrates each Queenslander's unique story, including the stories of people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, their accomplishments and the important contribution they make to our community.

Queensland is an increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse society. It is home to people who speak more than 220 languages, identify with more than 100 religious traditions, and come from more than 220 countries. The 2016 Census reported 21.6% of Queensland's total resident population (1,015,875 people) were born overseas and 12.0% of the state's population (564,196 people) spoke a language other than English at home.

Our Multicultural Engagement Framework 2018–21 (MEF) highlights SLQ's ongoing commitment to collaborate with CALD communities and external partners to provide access to knowledge, learning, creative experiences and employment.

SLQ contributes to the Queensland Government's vision for cultural diversity, articulated in the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016, to promote Queensland as a united, harmonious and inclusive community and to foster opportunities for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to participate in all aspects of Queensland life.

The MEF 2014–17 successfully guided SLQ’s activities and influenced the delivery of library services across Queensland. For instance, it created the impetus to increase the visibility and use of the hard copy and digital Languages Other Than English (LOTE) collection, which is available for use through public libraries across Queensland.

While revising and refreshing the MEF, a working group examined the successes and outcomes of the previous MEF, drawing on learnings to ensure the objectives are achievable and measurable. SLQ also provided a number of options for external organisations to have input into the Framework and its objectives, through forums and an online survey.

The MEF 2018–21 is more streamlined than the previous version, in part through recognising the adoption of the SLQ Workforce Diversity and Inclusion strategy 2016–20, which incorporates some of the actions previously outlined in the MEF.

This Framework will help to ensure SLQ continues to have the multicultural nature of Queensland top of mind when planning services and events, and will remain an organisation than celebrates diversity and brings communities together.

Policy context

This Framework aligns with the following legislation, Queensland and Australian Government policies, SLQ strategic documents and policies of umbrella bodies to which SLQ belongs:

  1. Legislation
  2. Queensland Government
  3. Australian Government
  4. SLQ strategic documents:
  5. Umbrella bodies to which SLQ belongs:

Guiding Principles

SLQ is committed to the principles of the Multicultural Queensland Charter enshrined in the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016, with the key messages for SLQ being:

  • Working together to build a prosperous, fair and harmonious Queensland
  • Expressing and celebrating cultural, linguistic and religious diversity
  • Ensuring equitable access to for all people
  • A commitment to mutual respect, fair treatment and valuing diversity
  • Creating opportunities that encourage the participation of people from diverse backgrounds
  • Sustained, respectful and inclusive engagement
  • A unified and harmonious community to promote a sense of belonging

Action Plan

This Framework acknowledges that different communities have different needs.  The strategic priorities and measures outlined below will help us improve access to and inclusiveness of our services for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, and are consistent with our strategic goals.

Strategic objectivesMeasures
Enable Access Improve relevance of the Community Heritage Digitisation project by including digitisation of five (5) culturally and linguistically diverse publications
  Enhance coordination, brokering and delivery of professional development for public library and Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC) staff through developing five (5) programs, resources or professional development that support libraries and IKCs to embrace diversity
Engage Community Grow the documentary record of Queensland’s heritage by collecting material related to three distinct CALD communities on the Gold Coast in relation to the Commonwealth Games
  Deliver Children’s Day of the PolArt Festival of Polish Visual and Performing Arts in December 2018
Build Capability Implement actions from SLQ Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016-20
  Diversify participation in SlammEd in partnership with the Queensland Poetry Festival by identifying, subsidising and including five (5) state high schools  in areas with significant CALD communities

Monitoring and Reporting

Our Framework and Action Plan will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.  Our internal Multicultural Working Group will be responsible for implementing and reporting on these actions, while our Executive Management Team will be responsible for monitoring our progress to ensure we remain on track to deliver results.

An annual progress report will be published on our website and SLQ will provide the Queensland Government with this information to support actions in the Queensland Government Multicultural Action Plan.

State Library's 2017-18 annual progress report is available here.

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