ICT resources strategic plan 2010-14

Download the ICTS resources strategic plan  (PDF 86.6 KB)

Our Vision   
Enriching the lives of Queenslanders 
Our Mission   
Creatively engaging people with information, knowledge and community 
Our Values  
Respect for people and knowledge  Commitment to lifelong learning Integrity and efficiency of service

The State Library’s ICT Resources Strategic Plan 2010-14 aligns Information and Communications Technology (ICT) activities to enable the achievement of the State Library’s Strategic Plan 2010-14.

Key objectives
Major activities
1. Optimising learning and engagement with collections and services
  • Enable and empower our clients to fulfil information and knowledge needs
  • Enhance the long reach of our services, programs and collections to develop audiences and increase the depth of engagement
  • Deliver public programs to engage clients with our collections and services
  • Cultivate and link communities of interest
  • Build partnerships to leverage resources and expertise, and to develop new audiences
  • Raise the State Library’s profile, through improved branding and a more strategic approach to communications

  • Enhance existing patron registration services to enable a single logon to State Library’s collections and services
2.   Capturing Queensland memory for current and future  generations
  • Build the John Oxley Library as a keeping place for the stories, knowledge and cultures of the people of Queensland
  • Increase community created content in collections
  • Preserve and manage collections for current and future generations
  • Build a collaborative distributed collection of Queensland memory

  • Implement the DigiTool Deposit Module to enable community and organisational content deposits
  • Explore search and linking options (Z39.50/Open Search) for the network of distributed collections
  • Explore opportunities for collaborative solutions to long term digital preservation
3.   Keeping Culture Strong
  • Improve collection, preservation and access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, information, resources and culture
  • Open new Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Support the network of established IKCs
  • Continue to develop kuril dhagun as a showcase for the IKC network and a centre for excellence in engagement with Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders

  • Scope and support the implementation of ICT/AV equipment in kuril dhagun, including the Digital Welcome Wall
4. Advancing The Edge
 and the digital agenda

  • Harness digital technologies to transform and activate services, programs and collections
  • Support and promote inquiry, creativity and innovation through digital culture, focussing on sound, screen, sustainability, art, science,
     design, performance and new writing
  • Provide pathways into creative industries
  • Develop green initiatives with key private and public sector partners

  • Scope and support the ICT
    infrastructure requirements for new
    digital initiatives and platforms
  • Manage the National and State
    Libraries Australasia Community
    Created Content project LibraryHack

5. Promoting reading,
 writing and ideas

  • Lead the development of A State of Writing, a collaborative partnership promoting reading, writing and ideas throughout Queensland
  • Initiate and support public discussion and debate
  • Encourage the development of Queensland writers
  • Build recognition of the State Library’s key role promoting reading, writing and ideas

  • Support the development of A
    State of Writing website and online

6. Developing State
 Library as a leading
 centre for design
 knowledge in the

  • Establish the Asia-Pacific Design Library as the best publicly-accessible collection of design
    resources in Australia
  • Develop a digital portal for aggregating and syndicating design resources
  • Offer a rich program of design activity including exhibitions, events and designers-in-residence
  • Promote research and understanding of best practice in library design

  • Scope and support the ICT
    requirements for the Design
    Library and the online educational

7. Support the ongoing
 development of
 vibrant public libraries

  • Continue to implement Expanding Horizons in partnership with the  Queensland Public Libraries
     Association and the Local Government Association of Queensland
  • Build recognition of the role of public libraries in learning and community engagement
  • Develop State Library’s role in supporting the development of childhood and adult literacy statewide

  • Develop a portal to Queensland
    public library catalogues (including the Public and Indigenous Library Services catalogue) via One Search view

8.   Growing our organisational capability and infrastructure

  • Strengthen resource management and corporate governance
  • Ensure our staff and volunteers
    possess the knowledge and skills required to deliver our strategic objectives
  • Enhance internal communications supporting staff understanding of strategic directions and facilitating organisational change
  • Develop systems and processes supporting evidenced based decisions
  • Increase self-generated revenue
  • Support fundraising by the Queensland Library Foundation
  • Promote the ongoing enhancement
    of major capital assets

  • Deliver Emerging Media and new
    technologies sessions for staff
  • Re-design the SLQ training room to meet client and staff requirements
  • Upgrade existing business applications to contemporary levels (Windows 7/10 and MS Office 2010/Open Office)
  • Explore appropriate use of open
    source business applications
    Upgrade Web Services and Library Applications software (e.g. Matrix, Voyager, Primo) to latest stable version
  • Implement e-commerce (i.e. The Library Shop, online photograph, document delivery orders and
    Queensland Library Foundation
    donations )
  • Partner with State Library of
    Victoria and Ex Libris to test new
    library management system (URM)


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