Towards a Queensland Digital Content Strategy: Statement of Intent

Fostering the creation, use and re-use of digital content is a critical element to achieving the economic and cultural goals of present and future Queenslanders. The Statement of Intent [PDF 1 MB] establishes the policy context within which digital content is being created and managed around the world, identifies the challenges and opportunities for Queensland and outlines a joint response by the State Library of Queensland and Queensland State Archives.

As an initial action, we will develop a Digital Content Action Plan that will support the core business aims of both organisations, showcase the benefits that can be achieved from a collaborative approach and contribute to the strategic outcomes sought from a Queensland Digital Content Strategy.

In the medium term, we will brief key government stakeholders on the Digital Content Action Plan and foster discussions on the benefits to be achieved from a more collaborative approach to managing digital content in Queensland.

In the longer term, we will actively work towards our aspiration for a Queensland Digital Content Strategy.

At the opening of The Edge, the State Library’s new digital culture centre, on 26 February 2010, Library Board Chair Professor Emeritus Roland Sussex introduced the Queensland Digital Content Strategy in his speech: …..

The boom in digital content production over recent years has been aided by readily available software, the evolving participatory nature of the Internet, and a generation of young people hardwired for technology-based creation – the so-called digital natives. And there’s no end in sight.
Effectively navigating and archiving such quantities of digital information, in their various forms, will require robust management. In that context, this is an opportune time to mention that the State Library and Queensland State Archives are committed to establishing a digital content strategy. And you will no doubt hear more on this in the months to follow.
Fostering the use and re-use of digital material has important cultural and economic implications. An alliance between government, business and the community will be vital to the creation of a Queensland-wide digital content strategy. The State Library and the Queensland State Archives, as major custodians of our heritage, with relevant skills and infrastructure, are best placed to make this start and to guide its evolution. 

Digitisation of existing collections

We aim to:

  • ensure that Queensland documents of significance, and/or in demand, are
    widely accessible. OneSearch provides access to the State Library's digital content.
  • create a critical mass of digital content, which draws potential users to the State Library of Queensland and the Queensland State Archives collections, encourages further exploration, and provides a base for a range of initiatives, including web-accessible exhibitions and re-use by the creative industries.

Particular attention has been given to digitising visual images through initiatives such as Picture Queensland (State Library) and Image Queensland (Queensland State Archives). Other digitisation projects are making music, newspapers, films and manuscripts more widely available, and enhancing the use of selected books. We are also contributing digitised material into collaborative projects such as the Centre for the Government of Queensland.

Encouraging new Queensland digital content

Our current programs include content produced through engaging with contemporary Queenslanders (Queensland Stories), image capture of current heritage events, webcasts of public lectures, and Indigenous projects relating to languages and to place (Keeping Culture Strong).

Open Data

Watch the panel discussion marking Queensland's annual Right to Information Day 2011 addressing the issues of open government data.

More information

If you have any queries, please contact:

Queensland State Archives
Ph: 07 3131 7787

State Library of Queensland
Ph: 07 3840 7666

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