Strategic policies

Exhibitions policy
This policy defines the principles for the State Library of Queensland’s temporary and travelling exhibition program. The program focuses on developing exhibitions which draw on the State Library collections, enhance the strategic focus of the State Library.

The Next Horizon: VISION 2017 for Queensland Public Libraries
A joint initiative of the State Library of Queensland, the Queensland Public Libraries Association and the Local Government Association of Queensland.

Intellectual freedom policy
Includes information on the right to access information, privacy and copyright

Intellectual Property Management Policy
Intellectual Property (IP) is an intangible asset that is the result of investment in the creative and intellectual effort of individuals and organisations. State Library is both a creator and user of IP in the fulfilment of its vision - Inspiring possibilities through knowledge, stories and creativity. This policy provides guidance and accountability for State Library in the management of IP.

Libraries for literacy – every day, every way
SLQ and the network of more than 340 public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres across the state are committed to building literacy through innovation and collaboration so Queenslanders can actively participate in the social, economic and cultural life of their communities.

Multicultural Engagement Framework and Action Plan 2018-21
The Multicultural Engagement Framework highlights our commitment to collaborate with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities and external partners to provide access to knowledge, learning, creative experiences and employment.

Reconciliation Action Plan
Our commitment to building positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people; the RAP gives us a framework for the future, detailing steps and priorities to achieve Indigenous equity.

Disability Action Plan
Our proactive and public commitment to taking a lead role in providing accessible and inclusive library and information services for all Queenslanders with a disability.

State Library of Queensland Digital Strategy: Becoming Digital by Design
SLQ’s strategy to become digital by design, and for digital experiences to be intrinsically part of the life of the library and the people who visit, use, collaborate and create with us.

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