Loans and Copies to Libraries Policy

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State Librarian and CEO

Policy Statement

State Library of Queensland provides a loan service for the borrowing and copying of items from the State Library collection by Australian and international libraries. Resource sharing between libraries is encouraged by Australian and international libraries and supported by the Australian Interlibrary Resource Sharing Code.


This policy applies to libraries; lending to individuals is governed by the State Library of Queensland Borrowing Terms and Conditions.


Audio visual Digitised audiovisual items, audio or video files available for free download or copy
Closed access collections Collections located in secure storage at South Bank and Cannon Hill
Document Supply

Service for individuals to order copies of items held in State Library’s collections and to order loans and copies held in other libraries

Extraordinary Collection

The Extraordinary Collection showcases material that interprets the physicality and format of the printed book and comprises of collections such as:

  • Australian Art Research Collection
  • Artists’ Books Collection
  • History and Art of the Book Collection
  • Lindsay Collection of Pat Corrigan


Australian Interlibrary Resource Sharing Code

The ILRS Code of practice supports resource sharing between Australian libraries

The ILRS Directory provides information on Australian interlibrary loan and document delivery services.

Information Collection

The Information Collection is developed and maintained as a collection of resources to address the informational needs of Queenslanders and it comprises of:

  • State Reference Library Collection
  • Asia-Pacific Design Library Collection
  • Government Research and Information Library e-resources.

Item A physical item; e.g. book, magazine, map, music score, film, audio recording, realia, manuscript, etc.
Interlibrary loan Service for the borrowing and copying of items in the State Library collection by libraries
Memory Collection

The Memory Collection comprises of a wide range of content both contemporary and retrospective that chronicles events, people, places and ideas that continue to shape Queensland.  It comprises of:

  • John Oxley Library Collection


National and State Libraries Australia

NSLA brings together the expert knowledge and innovative capacity of the National Library of Australia and Australia's eight state and territory libraries.

Public Library Collection

The Public Library Collection is developed and maintained by State Library to enable public libraries to meet the diverse needs of their communities. Includes specialist collections such as:

  • eResources
  • Language other than English (LOTE)
  • Learning and literacy collections to enable experimentation, innovation and quality programming through access to a range of resource
  • Indigenous Knowledge Centres

Lending of the Public Library Collection is governed by Service Level Agreements with Independent, Rural Libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres.


A request for an item on loan.  Also referred to as hold or reserve.

RLQ Rural Libraries Queensland comprises of Rural councils with populations fewer than 15,000. These libraries are controlled by the local regional council, subject to the terms of the Service Level Agreement entered into with the Library Board of Queensland
State Library collections Collection items held within Memory Collection, Extraordinary Collection, Information Collection and Public Library Collection.

Conditions of supply

  • Requests from libraries to borrow items from the collection are met whenever possible
  • Borrowing libraries may loan items to patrons of the borrowing library unless otherwise specified by State Library
  • The physical condition of an item may affect the availability for a loan or copy.

Items available for loan

  • Items in the Information Collection may be available for loan, including:
    • books, pamphlets
    • music scores, performance sets
    • audio-visual items including DVDs, CDs and videos
    • microform
    • serials and magazines.
  • Items in the LOTE collection of the Public Library Collection

Items not available for loan

  • Memory Collection
  • Extraordinary Collection
  • Public Library Collection (may be borrowed directly by Queensland Public Libraries)
  • rare and valuable items
  • fragile items
  • newspapers
  • LPs
  • Electronic media, including CD-ROMs and computer discs
  • Items in high demand or on display in exhibitions.

Loan limit and loan period

Loan limit

Loan period

Maximum loan period

Maximum of 100 at any time

6 weeks

18 weeks

  • The borrowing library is advised prior to supply if the loan period is shortened or if the item has conditional access i.e for use in library only.


  • Loans can be renewed up to the maximum loan period
  • Additional renewals may be negotiated at the discretion of State Library
  • Loans cannot be renewed if:
    • requested by another borrower
    • the loan period is shortened or if the item has conditional access
    • the item has reached the maximum loan period
    • the item has a lost or claim return status.


  • A request (hold) may be placed on an item on loan or on order
  • State Library cannot guarantee the supply date of a request placed on an item on loan or on order.


  • Loans to be returned by the due date once the maximum loan date is reached
  • Loans to be returned directly to State Library.

Overdue and loan reminders

  • Scheduled email notifications include:

Notification type



3 days prior

Due Date

Day of


14 days overdue

Final Overdue

28 days overdue


42 days overdue

Outstanding invoice

72 days overdue

102 days overdue

Summary of current loans


Lost items (non-return of loans)

  • An item is considered lost and an invoice issued once the item is 42 days overdue
  • The replacement cost is based on State Library of Queensland Annual Asset Valuation figures, plus an $8 administration fee (non-refundable).  These figures are reviewed annually
  • The purchase of a replacement copy may be negotiated in lieu of a payment
  • A refund will be given for items paid for and returned within a six month period and is based on the condition of the item returned
  • A refund will not be issued for items paid for and returned after a six month period
  • State Library reserves the right to suspend borrowing privileges until all overdue items are returned.

Damaged items

  • The borrowing library is responsible for maintaining the condition of items borrowed from State Library
  • If an item is returned damaged e.g. missing pages or water damaged, the borrowing library is required to meet the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged item
  • An invoice to cover the cost of repair or replacement will be forwarded to the borrowing library
  • The purchase of a replacement copy may be negotiated in lieu of a payment
  • State Library reserves the right to suspend borrowing privileges until payment for repair or replacement is received.

Claim return

  • The borrowing library is to notify State Library if an item is returned from loan but is still recorded on their account
  • Once reported, a shelf check will be conducted.  If not located, a minimum of 3 shelf checks will be undertaken during a 90 day period
  • The claim return item will remain on the library account and the library will continue to receive automatic email notifications until the item is located during the 90 day period
  • After the 90 day period, as a courtesy, any un-located items will be removed from the borrowing library’s account without fee or fine penalty
  • The borrowing library’s borrowing privilege will remain active regardless of outstanding loans
  • Further claim return items may incur the standard replacement cost and is at the discretion of State Library.


  • Appeals regarding replacement costs/penalties are to be made via:

    Access Services
    State Library of Queensland
    PO BOX 3488


  • A copy of the invoice is to be included with the submission

Fees and Charges

Supply to Australian Libraries


Core (processed within 4 days)

Rush (processed within 24 hours)

Express (processed within 2 hours)


Up to 50 pages




Additional 50 pages or part thereof









Additional costs apply for postage and delivery

  • The borrowing library is advised prior to supply if the fee exceeds the standard service charge
  • Where State Library has a reciprocal supply arrangement, requests will be supplied as per that agreement
  • Requests supplied to Queensland public libraries are provided free of charge
  • Reciprocal supply arrangements are provided at the discretion of State Library.

Supply to International Libraries




Up to 50 pages


Additional 50 pages or part thereof



Additional costs may apply for postage and delivery

A$45.00 per item

  • The borrowing library is advised prior to supply if the fee exceeds the standard service charge
  • IFLA vouchers are accepted as payment.

Copy Requests

  • High quality resolution digitised files (reproductive quality and/or OCR) or photographic prints are ordered through the Image Order service (fees apply)
  • Digitised audio-visual items, audio or video file items are ordered through the Audio visual order service (fees apply)
  • All copy requests must comply with the Australian Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth) and include the appropriate copyright statement with your request.  Refer to Copyright and Document Supply for Libraries and Copyright for additional information.


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