Lending policy - Loans to clients

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The purpose of State Library of Queensland Collections Lending Policy – Loan to Clients is to:

  • enable access to resources held in State Library’s Information Collection
  • outline conditions for the loan of items directly to clients
  • maintain ready access to items in State Library collections for all clients as described in State Library’s Service Commitment.


State Library of Queensland is Australia’s leading collector and custodian of Queensland’s documentary heritage, capturing the essence and distinctiveness of Queensland for current and future generations. State Library serves all Queenslanders through state-wide library services, and partnerships with public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres. Collections consist of three distinct areas: John Oxley Library, Australian Library of Art and the Information Collection.

Items available for loan are held in the Information Collection. This Policy governs the loan of these items to clients.


Australian Library of ArtComprises four collections relating to the fine arts in Australia and the many Australian Fine Arts, the Lindsay Collection of Pat Corrigan, the History and Art of the Book Collection and the Artists' Books Collection.
Closed Access collectionsCollections located in secure storage repositories at South Bank and Cannon Hill
Information collectionGeneral information collections at State Library of Queensland complement the heritage component of our collections, with books, magazines, audiovisual, music and eresources which focus on Australian and international content.

A collection item; e.g. book, magazine, map, music score, film, audio recording, realia, manuscript, etc

John Oxley LibraryContemporary and retrospective collections chronicling events, people, places and ideas that shape Queensland. Includes original materials, manuscripts, photographs, maps, plans, oral history and legal deposit. 
Open Access collectionsCollections located in the public reading rooms on Levels 2, 3 and 4.
State Library collections

Includes all collection items held by John Oxley Library, Australian Library of Art, Information Collections, and Regional Access and Public Libraries

Policy Statement

Accessing State Library collection items

  • Clients must be a Queensland resident and have registered for membership with State Library to borrow items from the Information Collection
  • Clients who are unable or borrow via the interlibrary loan services provided by their local library. Libraries requesting loans of items on behalf of clients should refer to the document State Library of Queensland Collections Lending Policy – Loans to libraries
  • The loan of an item will be at the discretion of State Library.  Items not available for loan may be accessed within State Library.

Items from the Information Collection available for loan

1. Items in the following categories may be available for loan:

  • monographs
  • audio-visual items including cassettes, CDs, DVDs and videos
  • government publications
  • pamphlets
  • music scores, performance sets
  • microform (via `send to my library’ and interlibrary loan services ONLY)
  • serials and magazines.

2. Items in the following categories are not available for loan:

  • John Oxley Library and Australian Library of Art collections
  • LPs
  • Electronic media, including CD-ROMs and computer discs
  • fragile items
  • newspapers
  • reference resources
  • items on display.

Items not available for loan may be accessed within the State Library.

However, a copy may be requested (subject to copyright restrictions) via the State Library’s website by completing our Document Supply or Image Order forms.

Further information about our service level and fees can be found at Copies and loans.

3. Loan limit

  • Borrowers may have up to 10 items.

4.  Loan period

Unless otherwise specified the following loan periods apply:

  • All items, except music performance sets – 4 weeks
  • Music performance sets (orchestral, band and choral) – 3 months.

5. Loan renewals

  • Two renewals may be granted if the item is not reserved for another client. Further extensions may be possible at the discretion of library staff.

6. Return of items on loan

  • Loans are expected to be returned by the due date unless the loan is renewed.
  • A reminder notice will be sent three days before an item is due if an email address has been supplied.

7. Failure to return overdue items

  • Notices will be issued for items not returned by the due date.
  • The first overdue notice will be issued 14 days after the due date.
  • A final overdue notice will be issued 28 days after the due date.
  • State Library reserves the right to susp items are returned.
  • Items will invoice will be issued. The borrower is required to pay a replacement fee, plus an administration fee.
  • The replacement fee will be based on the cost of a second hand copy, or the cost as determined by State Library.
  • The administration fee referred to above is $40.00 payable if an invoice is generated, regardless of whether the item is returned.
  • State Library will suspend the borrowing privileges of the registered borrower until payment for the replacement and administration fee is received.

8. Maintaining the condition of items

  • The registered borrower is responsible for maintaining the condition of items borrowed from State Library.
  • The parent or guardian is responsible for their children’s selection, return and use of collection items.
  • If a borrowed item is returned with damage to pages, book structure, binding and packaging, or in a contaminated or wet state, the registered borrower will be required to:
    • a) meet the cost of repairing the damaged item, OR
    • b) meet the cost of replacing the damaged item.
  • An invoice to cover the cost repair or replacement of borrower will be forwarded to the borrower. An administration fee of $40 will be included.
  • State Library reserves the right to suspend the borrowing privileges of the registered borrower until payment for repair or replacement is received.

9. Related Procedures

  • Loan procedures are maintained by Collection Access, Discovery Services, to ensure compliance with this Policy.
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