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The Library Board of Queensland


This policy governs loan of items from State Library collections for the purpose of exhibition and exhibition of the material by the Borrower.


Terms and conditions for the loan of items from State Library collections for the purpose of exhibition are established under this policy including non- returnable surrogate items.


ApplicationApplication to exhibit items from State Library collections.
ApplicantInstitution that has applied to exhibit State Library items.
BorrowerInstitution which has borrowed material for the purpose of exhibition
ExhibitionIncludes display
Non-returnable/Surrogate and duplicate itemsReproduction of collection items


Any institution with an exhibition venue with satisfactory security and environmental conditions, appropriate insurance cover, appropriately qualified staff and sound governance arrangements may exhibit State Library items.

On State Library’s acceptance of an application the Applicant must enter a formal agreement with State Library for the loan and exhibition of State Library items.

State Library will respond to applications within a maximum of 6 weeks of receipt of the application, unless advised otherwise.

Applications in principle should be made 6 months prior to the loan period with a 12 month lead-time required for large numbers of items and international loans. Late applications are accepted at State Library’s discretion and on condition that full fees apply. (See Charges, in pdf).

In order to verify that conditions are satisfactory a Standard Facilities Report is required to be submitted by the Applicant as part of the application with the possibility of an inspection of the venue by qualified State Library staff if required (this would be conducted at the Applicant's expense).

Availability of items

The availability of items from State Library collections for the purpose of exhibition is at State Library’s discretion; however, generally most items are available.

Items that cannot be transported without significant risk of physical damage and items that are in constant demand are generally not available for loan.

Requirements of State Library’s exhibition program take priority over external requirements.

Where items are too fragile or unstable to loan, or environmental or security conditions are unsuitable, surrogates or duplicates may be made available on a cost recovery basis.

How many items can be borrowed?

The number of items that can be borrowed will be subject to State Library’s capacity to process applications, and will be negotiated at the time of the application.

Loan periods

Loan periods may vary according to the physical condition and stability of requested items and environmental conditions in the exhibition venue. Generally loan periods are restricted to 4 months. Longer loan periods may be allowed, but additional conservation conditions may apply.  State Library reserves the right to recall a loaned item at any time during the agreed loan period.

Care of loaned items

The Borrower is responsible for the care of each loaned item while it is on loan and will be held responsible for loss of, damage to or deterioration of any loaned item while it is on loan.

Environmental conditions and security at the exhibition venue must comply with the State Library’s standards.

The Borrower must comply with handling, storage and packing requirements specified by State Library.

The Borrower must monitor loaned items during the loan and report on the condition of each item on receipt and return and at any other time, as required by State Library. Loss of, or any damage to any loaned item must be reported to State Library immediately. Damage to any item should be photographed by the Borrower. Damaged items should not be moved or treated without consultation with State Library (except if this is necessary to forestall further damage).

The Borrower will ensure that people with experience or qualifications acceptable to State Library undertake unpacking, packing and installation of loaned items and the checking of condition reports. Where items are considered to be highly significant, and may also have special preservation and installation needs, State Library may stipulate that an SLQ Collection Preservation staff representative is to be present for the unpacking, installation, packing, and any special requirements required for the loaned items. State Library can offer conservation services on a cost recovery basis.


The Borrower must insure each loaned item to the value specified by State Library for the duration of the loan period and under a policy acceptable to State Library.

The Borrower is required to include a certificate of currency detailing insurance cover as a condition of State Library entering into loan agreements.


Transport arrangements, including choice of specialist art carrier, are subject to State Library’s approval and are specific to each agreement.

All transport costs incurred by State Library are passed on to the Borrower. In special cases a courier may be necessary. All costs associated with using a courier would be passed on to the Borrower.

Acknowledgement of the State Library

The Borrower will acknowledge State Library in any public reference it makes to any loaned item, in a manner and form specified by State Library in ‘Schedule 5 – Acknowledgement of the Library’ within the loan agreement.

The Borrower will supply State Library with a copy of any publicly issued material produced by the Borrower, referring to any loaned item or exhibition including any loaned item, free of charge. The Borrower will also include State Library in distribution of media releases referring to any loaned item or exhibition including any loaned item.

The Borrower will supply State Library with attendance figures to the exhibition of any loaned item on the supplied evaluation form.

If a substantial loan request is undertaken, the Borrower must include State Library of Queensland's branding as acknowledgement as per Partnership Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding.

Copyright and reproduction

If copyright is not held by State Library, the Borrower is responsible for seeking permission to use, communicate, or reproduce the Work from the copyright owner and must supply proof of permission to State Library.

Costs and charges

The Borrower is required to bear costs as outlined in Appendix B "Costs and Charges" a proportion is related to lending the items.

The Borrower is required to fully cover the costs of transport, providing a courier (if necessary) see "Transport", special preparatory conservation work, repairing any damage to loaned items sustained during the loan period and any surrogates or duplicates that may be required.

Additionally the Borrower is required to pay a proportion of the total cost of preparing and administering the loan, determined on the basis of the Borrower’s remoteness from service centres. Definitions of remoteness are derived from the remoteness classification maintained by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (which has become a de facto standard). A map of Queensland showing category boundaries is given in Appendix A.  (See pdf)

Given that State Library has a legislative commitment to be responsive to the needs of communities in regional and outer metropolitan areas and that remoteness is a powerful factor limiting access to culture and the arts, charges are differentiated on the basis of remoteness from service centres. The schedule of standard charges for the preparation and administering of the loan is provided in Appendix B. (See pdf)

Intrastate Loans

Borrowers located in “Major cities” (Brisbane and the Gold Coast) pay 60% of full costs; Borrowers located in “Inner regional areas“ pay 40% of full costs; Borrower located in more remote areas in Queensland pay 20% of full costs. Public libraries anywhere in Queensland receive a 20% discount on overall charges.

Interstate Loans

Borrowers external to Queensland pay full costs (except other State Libraries and the National Library of Australia, which pay the same rate as Borrowers located in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.)

Publicly funded cultural organisations within Australia receive a 10% discount.

International Loans

International Borrowers will be charged the maximum nominal loan fee for Borrowers external to Queensland, and item related costs, see Appendix B. (see pdf)

A 100% surcharge applies to loans made less than 6 months before the items are required.

The Borrower may apply for a reduction or waiver of standard charges. Standard charges may be reduced or waived based on a consideration of the Borrower’s ability to pay and whether the proposed exhibition directly addresses any of State Library’s priorities. Applications for loan fee to be reduced or waived should be made to the Executive Director, Content Development.

Related Procedures

The Policy is associated with the Lending Policy – Loan for Exhibition procedures.

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