Public Library Collections


To provide:

  • Collections to public libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Centres operating in Local Governments under 15,000 that represent the widest possible coverage of subjects, formats and genres to cater for the diverse needs of the whole community, while adapting to emerging trends and formats as appropriate.
  • Specialist collections and resources for Queensland libraries to meet the identified needs of Queenslanders through the most appropriate channel.

Relevant collections

These collections are managed directly by State Library to enable public libraries to meet the diverse needs of their communities, utilising centralised management and economies of scale:

  • Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ) and Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC) collections provide quality resources to rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

Specialist collections for all Queensland public libraries provide

  • eResources providing access to digital content
  • Language other than English (LOTE) collections
  • Learning and literacy collections enabling experimentation, innovation and quality programming through access to a range of resources


These collections support the information, recreation and cultural needs of the community they serve.
Collections provide a balanced, appealing, high quality and well organised range of resources, including popular, bestselling and enduring works.
They are evidence-based, high turnover collections that meet a need.


Resources are provided in a range of formats and languages to ensure collections are inclusive and accessible.
Collections are flexible and constantly changing. Multiple copies may be acquired for popular resources, and items with limited usage may be withdrawn.
Collections include resources for all community members, from babies to the aged, and support literacy and lifelong learning.


Each public library serves their community and provides a safe, welcoming destination for all. Collection-based programs and partnerships enable public libraries to build communities which are informed, engaged, empowered and participative.

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