Legislative and policy framework

Libraries Act 1988 --> Towards 2020: State Library of Queensland Strategic Plan 2016–2020 --> State Library of Queensland Content Strategy (reviewed every three years) --> Collection Development Guidelines (reviewed annually), Collection Access Guidelines (reviewed annually), Collection Engagement Guidelines (reviewed annually)


Eight principles relating to State Library’s function are within the Libraries Act 1988. The following outlines State Library’s commitment to each, in the context of the Content Strategy.

Leadership and excellence should be demonstrated in providing library and informational services;

1. We will demonstrate excellence in our collection-related activities through a rigorous process of defining, measuring, analysing and improving our ability to meet users’ needs, both now and in the future.
2. We will play an important leadership role in collaborating and coordinating collection-related activities across institutional and government boundaries to ensure Queenslanders are able to attain what they seek most dearly: access to content.

There should be responsiveness to the needs of communities in regional and outer metropolitan areas;

3. We are committed to providing the widest possible access to our content.
4. We will ensure our collecting reflects the breadth of the state.
5. We will work in partnership with Rural Libraries Queensland and Indigenous Knowledge Centres to support their communities’ content needs.
6. We will work with all Queensland public libraries to ensure efficient and effective access to a range of online and specialist resources.

Respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures should be affirmed;

7. We will recognise the diversity and uniqueness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
8. We will recognise the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to their own cultural heritage.
9. We will actively collect, preserve and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage to ensure knowledge is maintained and contributes to a deeper understanding of Queensland.
10. We will work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to ensure the broadest access to their cultural heritage in accordance with their perspectives, protocols and cultural values.

Children and young people should be supported in their understanding and use of library and informational services;

11. We will provide a range of resources to engage and excite children, young people and their families.
12. We will engage with schools and the education sector to ensure our collections are relevant and utilised by children and young people.
13. We will collect the experiences of children and young people to ensure a full record of Queensland’s documentary heritage.

Diverse audiences should be developed;

14. We will ensure that our collections reflect the diversity of Queensland and are accessible to all Queenslanders.

Capabilities for life-long learning about library and informational services should be developed;

15. We will support life-long learning by empowering users to discover, use and re-interpret content through their lives.
16. We will build the digital literacy of our communities by providing a range of resources and learning experiences.

Opportunities should be developed for international collaboration and for cultural exports, especially to the Asia-Pacific region;

17. We will seek opportunities to take our unique Queensland content to world-wide audiences.
18. We will provide opportunities for Queensland residents to engage with design and culture from the Asia-Pacific region.

Content relevant to Queensland should be collected, preserved, promoted and made accessible.

19. We will recognise the richness of Queensland’s documentary heritage, including the contemporary, and actively collect, preserve, promote and share it.
20. We will support public libraries to engage with their local community and build documentary heritage collections.

Content Strategy 2017
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