Extraordinary collections


To provide exceptional examples and context of books as objects.
This collection showcases material which interprets the physicality and format of the printed book as well as reflecting its art, craft, history and impact.

Relevant collections

  • Australian Library of Art Collection
    • Australian Art Research Collection
    • Artists’ Books Collection
    • History and Art of the Book Collection
    • Lindsay Collection of Pat Corrigan


State Library has a strong tradition of collecting items that demonstrate the history of the book, that showcase technological advances in printing and that, as particularly fine examples of library materials, engage the public’s imagination.

These items form a representative collection of fine printing and rare publications intended to elicit wonder from the public. They must be of high historical significance to the history of book, rather than to a collective understanding of Queensland. High public appeal and high accessibility are essential to State Library’s extraordinary collections.


These collections are built upon a history of collecting exceptional examples of bibliographic and printed material, often with the generous support of individuals and businesses. Development of these collections will be highly-considered, representative and tightly-honed.


State Library is committed to showcasing its exceptional bibliographic material.

Through a range of activities we aim to provide physical experiences with these collections, providing the public with an opportunity to see and engage with unique library materials.

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