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State Librarian and CEO


The purpose of the Comments Policy is to:

  • affirm that contributions to State Library’s online spaces including our website, blogs and catalogue  are welcomed from all, and
  • ensure they are appropriate and respect the needs and sensitivities of others.

The Comments Policy is made widely available in State Library's online spaces to encourage and support engagement with the library's collections, services and programs.


This policy applies to State Library of Queensland's online spaces  including:

  • comments posted on SLQ's websites and blogs
  • comments posted on SLQ’s social media sites such as our Facebook page and Flickr Commons photo stream
  • tags, reviews and comments posted to SLQ's catalogue records

Policy Statement


  • are open to all
  • will be available online as posted
  • will be monitored by State Library of Queensland staff.

Commentary, opinion and reaction to web content published by State Library are all welcome as part of our commitment to encouraging community engagement with our services, collections and programs.

Comments should be relevant to the specific post or record to which they are attached.

SLQ chooses to monitor rather than moderate comments and tags to enable responsive, trusted collaboration and engagement with our communities of users.

Comments will be monitored within 48 hours of posting.

Inappropriate comments

State Library of Queensland reserves the right to remove comments if they have content that:

  • is abusive
  • is off-topic
  • contains personal and/or cultural attacks or insults
  • promotes hate of any kind
  • is offensive in nature or contains offensive language
  • is spam
  • is potentially libellous or defamatory
  • contains plagiarised material
  • contains commercial content or unauthorised advertising

Breaches of policy

Contributors may be suspended or banned from making submissions where there have been serious or repeated breaches of the conditions set out in this policy.


All blog comments are filtered through spam filtering technology. The spam-filtering technology isn’t perfect, and from time to time it flags legitimate content as inappropriate. If you find that your comment isn’t immediately displayed, it may have been mistakenly flagged as spam. Please contact us to follow up on the status of your comment if it does not display after 24 hours.

State Library’s rights

State Library does not own copyright in comments posted on our website, blogs or catalogue.  However, by submitting a comment or tag contributors agree that they be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence.  The library will be able to edit and re-use comments provided we attribute the contributor.

State Library reserves the right to change, add or modify this comments policy at any time.


Tags -  Descriptive words or phrases used to describe meaningfully content found on the web by an individual. Tags are used extensively in photo sharing sites such as Flickr and in library catalogues to make it easier to bring together or find relevant content.

Monitored - In this policy, monitoring is the process where a nominated staff member reviews all user comments and tags after it becomes visible to other users. Comments and tags are monitored to ensure that any inappropriate content is quickly removed.

Moderated - In this policy, Moderating is the process where a nominated staff member reviews all comments and tags before they become visible to other users.

Creative Commons Creative Commons is a non-profit corporation founded in 2001 “dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright." [] Creative Commons provides a set of licences to help creators easily identify how others may use their work legally, releasing some rights, while retaining others.

Policy Ref: CD-D-1012-V04
Maintained By: Content Development, Content Management
Review Date: November 2018

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