Our service commitment

State Library of Queensland is all yours

We collect and share the materials that make up the stories of Queensland. You can find  collections to assist and enrich you whatever your circumstances, and you can be sure your public library has our support as a partner and advocate.

We will provide:

  • Efficient, friendly and professional staff to assist you
  • Easy access to SLQ collections and services onsite and online
  • Accessible spaces, resources,and services that embrace Queensland's diversity
  • A safe, welcoming and respectful environment where people pursue their needs and interests freely
  • Opportunities to build the skills you need to satisfy your information requirements independently
  • Opportunities for you to make comments and suggestions about our services, and timely acknowledgement of your feedback
  • Services that are continuously developing and improving

You can help by:

  • Interacting with others at SLQ with courtesy and respect
  • Showing consideration for the rights and privacy of others when using SLQ
  • Supervising the children in your care while at SLQ
  • Using SLQ collections, facilities, equipment and property with care and respect

If you would like to know more

Please ask us via our feedback form - we are happy to help you and receive feedback.

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