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An early Open Data initiative, Libraryhack was a mashup and apps competition with great prizes designed to encourage the creative and innovative re-use of library data and digital content.

The 2011 Library competition was run by the National, State and Territory libraries of Australia and New Zealand. (NSLA)

For the Libraryhack competition, participating libraries made some of their collections and data freely available for anyone to mash up, remix and repurpose and create something new!

There were 4 competition categories to encourage people from a range of communities (developers, artists, digital content creators, historians, researchers and members of the public) to participate.

The Libraryhack website has since be decomissioned but is still available to be view through 'Pandora - Australia's web archive'.

Visit the archived Libraryhack site on Pandora.


GovHack 2015

SLQ contributed data to GovHack 2015 (annual open data competition) and was at the special World War 1 hack event at the State Library of New South Wales over the weekend 3 – 5 July. We met with passionate digital creatives, data analysts, story tellers, entrepreneurs and civic society enthusiasts who wanted to mash-up and create with our World War 1 data.

The Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation set a challenge during GovHack 2015 for the best use of open data from the Queensland State Archives and State Library of Queensland. The challenge, called Uncovering Queensland's untold stories, was to was to help uncover untold stories using at least one of the datasets.


Lest We Forget - an app to show stories of diggers who went to WW1 in an innovative way.Team - Studio39 Alpha: Tommi Sullivan, Zyion Attiig, Ryoma Ohira, David Rowe (Gold Coast)

Lest We Forget video


If I were an Anzac - Kathew & Cashews (Gold Coast)

Brisvegas Estate - Rusty hack skills (Brisbane)

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