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Free high resolution digital files from our collection

State Library provides access to 60 000 high resolution files for all of the out of copyright and Creative Commons CC-BY licensed digitised photographs, maps, sheet music and posters in our collection to download for free from One Search, our catalogue.

These files are of a much higher quality than the versions available on the catalogue, which are optimised for viewing online. The high resolution files allow clients to view digitised content in greater detail and provide opportunities for use in the creation of new works and publications.

We also provide a image reproduction service, offering clients a high quality print of items held in our collections. Through this service, and subject to copyright and access conditions, you may also be able to order a digital file or print or items that are in copyright.

SLQ has also donated all our out of copyright digitised content to Wikimedia Commons, and made them freely available for re-use by anyone.

One Search, our catalogue

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