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State Library of Queensland supports open access to information and ideas as a key enabler for a strong, well-informed and innovative society.

In October 2012, the Queensland government announced an “open data revolution” aiming to release as much public sector information as possible to encourage the development of innovative services and solutions for Queenslanders.

SLQ's Open Data Strategy describes how we will manage the release of our datasets now and into the future.

SLQ has released a number of datasets as part of our open data strategy. They are in easy to use formats and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia licence, which means anyone can use them for apps, mashups, and other services, so long as SLQ is attributed as the source of the data.

See what’s already been created with our datasets on the Libraryhack website. Libraryhack was a mashup and apps competition using data from Australian and New Zealand libraries.

We invite you to use our data and share the results with us.

View the SLQ Open Data Strategy.

Open data case study

State Library uses Queensland open data to populate and validate Queensland addresses entered in our online membership registration form.

SLQ membership registration uses the Property Location Service open data provided by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines. By using the Residential Address search feature, new members can search and find their address from the open data set. This then automatically populates the correct fields in the registration form.

The use of open data saves new members time as their address is automatically entered into the online form. Errors in data entry are therefore minimised.

Data collected using this open data set is also published as an open data set. The Library membership (State Library of Queensland) set includes suburb and postcode data.

SLQ member registration form

GovHack 2015

SLQ contributed data to GovHack 2015 (annual open data competition) and was at the special World War 1 hack event at the State Library of New South Wales over the weekend 3 – 5 July. We met with passionate digital creatives, data analysts, story tellers, entrepreneurs and civic society enthusiasts who wanted to mash-up and create with our World War 1 data.

The Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation set a challenge during GovHack 2015 for the best use of open data from the Queensland State Archives and State Library of Queensland. The challenge, called Uncovering Queensland's untold stories, was to was to help uncover untold stories using at least one of the datasets.


Lest We Forget - an app to show stories of diggers who went to WW1 in an innovative way.Team - Studio39 Alpha: Tommi Sullivan, Zyion Attiig, Ryoma Ohira, David Rowe (Gold Coast)

Lest We Forget video


If I were an Anzac - Kathew & Cashews (Gold Coast)

Brisvegas Estate - Rusty hack skills (Brisbane)

SLQ open datasets

You can find data sets released by the State Library at:

SLQ's datasets on - the Australian Government data repository

SLQ's datasets on - the Queensland Government open data portal

Free high resolution digital files from our collection

State Library provides access to 60 000 high resolution files for all of the out of copyright and Creative Commons CC-BY licensed digitised photographs, maps, sheet music and posters in our collection to download for free from One Search, our catalogue.

These files are of a much higher quality than the versions available on the catalogue, which are optimised for viewing online. The high resolution files allow clients to view digitised content in greater detail and provide opportunities for use in the creation of new works and publications.

We also provide a image reproduction service, offering clients a high quality print of items held in our collections. Through this service, and subject to copyright and access conditions, you may also be able to order a digital file or print or items that are in copyright.

SLQ has also donated all our out of copyright digitised content to Wikimedia Commons, and made them freely available for re-use by anyone.

One Search, our catalogue

Information about high resolution files

Information on attributing State Library of Queensland

Tell us how you have used an image using our online feedback form

The Hague Declaration

State Library has become one of more than 150 organisations across the world to sign the Hague Declaration which calls for immediate changes to intellectual property law and the removal of other barriers preventing widened and more equal access to data.

The Hague Declaration aims to foster agreement about how to best enable access to facts, data and ideas for knowledge discovery in the Digital Age. By removing barriers to accessing and analysing the wealth of data produced by society, answers can be found to great challenges such as climate change, depleting natural resources and globalisation.

Signing the declaration underscores State Library’s long term support of open access to information, knowledge and ideas, and our commitment to making our data widely available for use and re-use by all.

Find our more about open data

Office of the Information Commissioner

Queensland Government data hub


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Please send any questions or feedback about any of the datasets released publicly by State Library to

  • 1. Brisbane 1888 Brisbane 1888 Author/Creator: W. A Clarson (William Alfred), b. 1852. Publisher: Sydney : Illustrated Sydney News Date: 1888 Record number: 742333
Brisbane 1888
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