Library spaces

State Library of Queensland is comprised of a number of significant spaces: special collections devoted to various subjects and clientele.

Asia Pacific Design Library

The Asia Pacific Design Library (APDL) is a 21st century library advocating for innovation, experimentation and play through design in the Asia Pacific.

Australian Library of Art

Comprises four collections relating to the fine arts in Australia and the many arts and crafts of the book.

Business Studio

SLQ’s Business Studio is a useful resource to support entrepreneurs and start-ups to make their innovative business ideas a reality.

The Edge

Aims to provide Queenslanders of all ages with the opportunity and inspiration to explore creativity across the arts, technology, science and enterprise.

John Oxley Library

Committed to capturing the essence of the Queensland story for current and future generations.

Information Collections

General information collections that complement the heritage component of the John Oxley Library.

kuril dhagun

A significant cultural and learning space and is used as a meeting place by many community groups and organisations.

Public Libraries Connect

A gateway to content, information and services to support staff working in Queensland public libraries.

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