Corporate information

Our vision

Enriching the lives of all Queenslanders

Our mission

Creatively engaging people with information, knowledge and community

Our values

Knowledge, growth and innovation
Integrity and accountability
Respect diversity

Our strategic objectives

1. Improve access to library services
2. Co-create Queensland’s memory
3. Extend learning and creative experiences
4. Develop our people and capability

See our key strategic plans.

State Library of Queensland is governed by the Library Board of Queensland. It draws its powers from the Libraries Act 1988. The object of this Act is to contribute to the cultural, social and intellectual development of all Queenslanders. State Library's services and collections are delivered through a number of key organisational programs under the direction of a team of senior management staff.


Works published by State Library, including corporate reporting and strategic planning.


Timeline of State Library of Queensland history, from its foundation in 1896 to the current day.

Our service commitment

Service commitment of the State Library to its onsite and online clients, including what we will provide and how clients can help.

Policies and standards

Policies, standards, protocols and collaborative principles guiding State Library in its activities.

Open data

The State Library of Queensland supports open access to information and ideas and we make data available via the Queensland government data portal and provide access to high resolution copies of out of copyright digital content from our collections for free download.


The public's right to information of the State Library of Queensland, including State Library of Queensland is making it easier for you to access information about our organisation, including our policies, financial records, correspondence, registers and documents relating to our decisions.

Library Board

The Library Board of Queensland, the governing body of the State Library of Queensland, draws its powers from the Libraries Act 1988 (Queensland). It appoints a committee and advisory groups to assist it in its activities.

Asia Pacific Design Library

The Asia Pacific Design Library provides services and information on all matters relating to design from within the State Library building at South Bank.

The Edge

Queensland's digital culture centre for experimentation in design, art, technology and enterprise. A State Library initiative, The Edge creatively engages the next generation of library users into the 21st century.

Non-public SLQ locations

Location and contact information for State Library locations not accessible to the public, in Cairns in north Queensland and at Cannon Hill in Brisbane's eastern suburbs.

Public Libraries Connect

A website specifically by and for the use of staff of Queensland's public libraries, hosted by State Library.

Collection preservation

Information about how State Library's Collection Preservation Branch preserves and protects the reference and research collections of State Library, and also provides advice on a range of conservation issues.

John Oxley Library

The John Oxley Library, part of Queensland Memory at State Library, has a wide range of content both contemporary and retrospective, chronicling events, people, places, and ideas that continue to shape Queensland.

Information Collections

The information collections at State Library complement the heritage collections, with e-books and other e-resources, books, magazines, audiovisual, and music which focus on Australian and international content.

Australian Library of Art

The Australian Library of Art forms part of the Heritage Collections of the State Library of Queensland.

Working at SLQ

Information about the benefits of working at State Library plus access to information about jobs / employment here.

kuril dhagun

kuril dhagun is a space within State Library's South Bank building devoted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Library membership

Join online or in person at State Library to access services, collections and facilities

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