Donation process for collection items

If you have an item or collection of items which you would like to see permanently housed at State Library, there are a few simple steps to follow.

Step 1 - Check to see if we already hold the item/s

Search our catalogue for the title of your publication. Generally we do not collect duplicate copies of items, unless they are significantly different. NB – this step does not apply for original collections.

Step 2 – Check our selection criteria

Read the State Library of Queensland’s Content Strategy which outlines collecting intentions for the John Oxley Library, Australian Library of Art, and Information Collections.

Generally, we do not collect theses, duplicate copies of titles, unpublished government records, or popular fiction.

Step 3 – Forms

If you think your item or collection fits the above criteria, please make contact with us using the Donation enquiry form, before sending any material.  Our collections are curated by expert staff who have the final decision on whether an item is accepted into the library’s permanent collections.

If the library decides to accept your donation, we ask that you complete a few simple forms, to list the collections and to outline agreements on copyright, use and access.  These forms are available under Resources in our FAQs.

Monetary donations

Are you interested in making a monetary donation or bequest to assist the State Library's work? The Queensland Library Foundation seeks donations on behalf of State Library to maintain, enhance and expand its collections, facilities and services, and in particular to preserve Queensland's cultural heritage.

You can support the Foundation's work by making a donation or a bequest, or contributing to the Legacy Partners Program.

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