BIG Thoughts from the FRIGHTENED Well

The Brotherhood of the Wordless is comprised of fourteen South-East Queensland writers with autism and other disabilities that preclude speech or the muscle ability required to use keyboards or writing implements. Using the technique of facilitated communication, the Brotherhood works with trusted scribes to bring their powerful thoughts and words to life. The Brotherhood of the Wordless have published a book of collected writing, “Tapping on the Heart of the World", now in its third reprint. They have featured on ABC Radio National, the Brisbane Writers Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival, and members have preformed at the Woodford Folk Festival to a standing ovation.

Now the collaboration returns with its new show "BIG Thoughts from the FRIGHTENED Well" based on new texts and poems they have written over the past year directly exploring the writers responses to various sensory cues in their day to day environment as well as poetic meditations on some of their deepest fears and grandest fantasies.

Presented by State Library of Queensland, ouTsideRs aRT Inc and Brotherhood of the Wordless.

Speakers:  Brotherhood of the Wordless
Where: slq Auditorium 1, level 2
Date: Sat 30 Apr, 2011. 4.00pm
Duration:  1:11:56 minutes

Contact State Library Queensland for more information regarding BIG Thoughts from the FRIGHTENED Well.