Live! Talk with Robert Forster

Spend the evening with Robert Forster as he chats with renowned music journalist Noel Mengel, reflecting on the band dynamic of The Go-Betweens, their UK exile and lingering Queensland influences, and the band’s musical legacy and ongoing pop culture sway.

The Go Betweens was formed when Robert Forster and Grant McLennan met at a theatre course at The University of Queensland. They played their first public gig at the Baroona Hall in Paddington in 1978, but departed a year later for the UK and Europe. McLennan and Forster’s collaboration over the next decade would bring about six albums including their most successful, 16 Lovers Lane, which climbed the music charts in the UK, USA and Australia.

At the height of their partnership, they were dubbed by legendary Village Voice critic, Robert Christgau, as “the greatest songwriting partnership working today”. The band reformed from 2000-2006, making three more albums. Following on from The Go Between’s success, Robert Forster has reinvented himself as an internationally critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and music critic.

Date: Wed 12 Jun 2013
Time: 6pm
Venue: SLQ Auditorium 1

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