Irish in Queensland - their cultural legacy

Many Queenslanders can trace their ancestry back to Ireland due to the vigorous programs of migration in the 19th century that enticed working class Irish men and women to our shores. What was life like for these early settlers? Why did they come here? What is their enduring legacy in Queensland’s society and culture? Historian Dr Jennifer Harrison and Director of Mercy Heritage Centre Peter Connell  discuss how the Irish have left their mark on the Queensland consciousness.

This is an Out of the Port free lunchtime talk, presented by State Library’s John Oxley Library and the Department of Environmental and Resource Management. Hosted by Radio National’s Kate Evans.

Speakers: Dr Jennifer Harrison and Peter Connell
When: Wed 14 March, 2012 12.30pm
Where: slq Auditorium 1, level 2

Irish in Queensland resource list (PDF 58.0 KB)

Transcript (PDF 432.1 KB)

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