Ernie Lane

In the pioneering years of the Queensland labour movement, Ernest Henry Lane was one of the fieriest firebrands of them all. Yet he was shipped to Brisbane in 1884 as a model immigrant, an industrious young man who carried the convictions of a childhood steeped in loyalty to Queen and empire. So, what went wrong? In this talk, John Oxley Library Fellow Dr Jeff Rickertt delves into the turbulent world of colonial labour politics to explain the making of Ernie Lane as one of the nation’s most resolute rebels.

Dr Rickertt is a Brisbane historian with an abiding interest in the State’s rebels and radicals. He was a contributor to and assistant editor of Radical Brisbane: An Unruly History and is co-editor of the Queensland Journal of Labour History. As the 2010 John Oxley Library Fellow, Dr Rickertt was working on a political biography of Ernest Henry Lane.

Speaker: Dr Jeff Rickertt
When: Wed 20 July, 12:30pm
Where: slq Auditorium 2, level 2, State Library of Queensland
Duration: 00:57:03 minutes

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