Think Outside - Economy

Think Outside invites local, national and international design thinkers to contemplate a ‘wicked problem’ outside their area of expertise, offering new and unexpected solutions for discussion.
Think Outside: Economy, the final event in the series, asks design thinkers 'how might we design a more ethical and sustainable economic system?'

Many believe the existing model of capitalism is “broken”. However, like many of today’s “broken” mechanisms, capitalism is a system, a system designed by people. We therefore have the ability (and responsibility) to design a new system - an improved system.

Each speaker has 10 minutes to present their ideas, setting the platform for a considered debate and discussion around the practical implications of these new ideas. The audience was invited to respond to the challenge prior to the event and to share their thoughts as part of the final debate and discussion.

Speakers: Marcus Westbury and Alison Kubler.

Date: Tuesday 5 November, 2013  5.30pm to 7.30pm

Contact State Library Queensland for more information regarding Think Outside - Economy.