Sustainable supper

Moving into the next decade, Australia faces the serious issue of food security. Whether it be drought and climate change affecting production, the export of crops to impoverished countries, or foreign investors buying our valuable land, it is impossible to exactly match local food production with regional demand. Australians no longer have the assurance that their produce will be fresh, local and reasonably priced.Proposed solutions range from genetic engineering and food innovations, to vertical farming and urban fringe farms. So what is the best way to ensure our families are fed, economy kept strong and quality of life maintained? How urgently do we need an answer and how are we preparing the next generation to deal with these issues?

Join Geoff Wilson, President of the Green Infrastructure Network Australia and Director (Australia) of the World Green Infrastructure Network, with permaculture gardener Tim Lang in conversation with Professor Geoff Lawrence from the Global Change Institute, as they tackle the issue of food security on a global basis, and explore the prospect of fresher and healthier urban food in Brisbane.

Part of the IDEAS 2011 program.

Speakers:  Geoff Wilson, Tim Lang and Geoff Lawrence
Duration:  1:17:49 minutes
Date:  Wed 6 April 2011

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