These ideas will change your world

What brave new worlds can we look forward to? How will our ageing population change our priorities and habits? What options will we find for eliminating malnutrition in developing nations? Or obesity in our own?

After a decade of investment in encouraging Queenslanders from all walks of life and all areas of interest to work, play and live smarter, what progress have we made in creating a state of ideas and innovation? “Intelligent Queensland’ ought not be only a government priority, but a business, industry and community priority.

Join speakers as they take a look at ideas that will change your world.

Lauren Anderson from Collaborative Consumption – an emerging movement where old ideas of swapping, sharing, bartering, trading and renting are given a new lease of life.

Ben Hamley from Hello Sunday Morning and Smart Artz, focuses on social media and how it is changing the way we communicate, share, learn and adapt, inspire others and find inspiration ourselves.

Rolf Kuelsen from Transitions Towns – a community-led response to the pressures of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and increasingly, economic contraction.

Craig Rispin from Future Trends Group – Business futurist and innovation expert. Craig discusses how technology, social change and commercial imperatives are all driving new ways to work.

Part of the Positive Futures series presented by State Library and The Brisbane Institute.

Speaker: Lauren Anderson, Ben Hamley and Rolf Kuelsen
When:  Tues 27 September 2011, 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Where: slq Auditorium 2, level 2, State Library of Queensland
Duration: 1:03:42 hours

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