Harnessing heat: The future of geothermal energy in Australia

Energy is, and will always be, the largest business on Earth. This industry is constantly undergoing major changes as the world deals with climate change, pollution and the need for renewable energy.

According to Director of the Queensland Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence, Professor Hal Gurgenci, Geothermal energy is Australia’s answer: “Geothermal energy is an important clean energy source for the future of Australia which will enable us to generate base load electricity – the minimum amount required to meet demand – without burning fossil fuels or using nuclear reactors.”

Australia has unique advantages in its continental crust in developing large scale enhanced geothermal systems to replace coal-fire electricity. So how is this energy harnessed, what are its limitations, and what will it cost us, both environmentally and economically?

Join Ecospecifier’s Mike Duggan in conversation with Professor Hal Gurgenci and Geodynamics’ Chief Scientist Dr Doone Wyborn, as they discuss how geothermal energy works, how it affects our daily living, its advantages over other sources of energy, and the future of geothermal energy in Australia.

Part of the IDEAS 2011 program.

Speaker: Mike Duggan, Professor Hal Gurgenci and Dr Doone Wyborn
When:  Wed 4 May, 2011. 6.00pm
Where: slq Auditorium 1, level 2, State Library of Queensland
Duration: 1:13:30 hours

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