Black Opium with Fiona Foley

After reading Rosalind Kidd’s book The Way We Civilise, which exposes the truths behind the Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897, Fiona was compelled to create a work that explored the history, personal stories and legacy associated with this controversial policy.

In honour of this important work, the Black Opium Symposium brought together a unique multi-disciplinary line-up of guest speakers who discussed, unravelled and shared a time past that still resonates strongly today.

Speakers:  Rosalind Kidd, Andrew Gillett and Anna Haebich (Griffith University) discuss the historical context of the artwork, and Fiona Foley and Louise Martin-Chew look at the artistic and aesthetic qualities of the piece.

Duration:  1:25:25 minutes
Date:  12 February 2010

Contact State Library Queensland for more information regarding Black Opium with Fiona Foley.